During the month of April, I participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. That is 26 posts in one month, for each letter of the alphabet, time off for good behavior on Sundays. Over 1800 bloggers are participating this year. Last I checked, I was #864. This year, Millie and Willie Cottonpoly, my sock puppet creations, are here to tell you their story and share reviews, ideas, and inspiration with you. They’re also helping to teach theatre classes for kids in the Brainerd area, and continue to view and review theatre productions and some books. This retired couple doesn’t just sit around watching reruns on MeTv. (Although, Willie does like to put up his feet whenever Petticoat Junction comes on. It’s that sound of the train whistle. Millie makes no apologies for watching the Lassie marathon while holding her dog Tillie on her lap.)

O is for Open Pit sauce or style of cooking, either way, both have to do with steaks, and good eatin’. Here’s how it works at The Fort Bar & Grill. You get a seat in the dining area, choose your meat (they keep it simple, three different cuts of steak, a pork chop, or chicken breast), go through the salad bar. Then, they bring out your raw meat, which you take over to the Open Pit and grill it yourself. I find it works out the best if I bring my own chef! (This is where the Biker Chef cooked me our first steaks together.) We went out the other night because we needed live action shots for the A to Z Challenge!


Willie: Millie, the Biker Chef is grilling steaks tonight at The Fort. Let’s ride along.
Millie: That’s always a fun night out. Dinner and a show!
Willie: Do we need steak sauce?20150411_191145
Millie: What’s the matter with you, Willie, you know you don’t need steak sauce when the Chef is grilling. And, with a good cut of meat like that, he uses just salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic.
Willie: My mouth is watering already.

Millie: Don’t get too close to the open pit, Willie. You might get burned!

Willie: I like watching the Chef in action. Mmm. I can smell the spices, and hear the meat sizzling.

Millie: He puts the garlic bread on there, too, and warms up the baked potato.

Willie: The Chef can tell if the steak is medium, medium rare, or rare by pressing the center of the steak. He calls it “the touch.”


Millie, Willie, Mary, and Zach: Thanks, Chef. You sure grill a great steak!

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: Do you have any Open Pit restaurants in your area? Are you good at grilling? What’s your favorite food for outdoor cooking?