Quote of the Month: Open the window in the center of your chest and let the spirits fly in and out. Rumi
(My theme for this year’s
A to Z Challenge is Open.)

Millie and Willie, a sock puppet creation, are here to tell you their story during the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.

The Cottonpoly’s had a busy weekend. It will take several days (and letters) to tell you all about it.

Open to Being a Guest at a Party
Millie and Willie Cottonpoly, dressed up for the party
Willie:  Thank you, Millie, for making me this great costume for Annie’s birthday party. It was so nice of her to invite us.
Millie:  You’re welcome, Willie. I had to search in my old fabric box to come up with the right costumes for the medieval mystery theme party.
Willie:  You look darling in that headband, Millie.
Millie: Thank you, Willie. It off-sets that prim and proper look of the old-fashioned skirt. The headband says, Dude, I’d jump on your Harley in a heartbeat.
Willie:  My heart is beating a little faster right now.
Millie:  Willie, you’re losing focus again. We were going to tell these folks about the birthday party.
All of the guests arrived in costumes, including Millie and Willie
Willie:  I got a kick out of the youngsters in their clever costumes.
Millie:  A couple of them did so well, staying in character and using accents the whole time.
Willie:  Joy and Mary were a hoot as the Host and Detective.
Joy as the Host
Mary as the Detective
Joy made both these costumes.
Millie:  I think they had more fun than the kids.
Willie:  I overheard Mary say that she was inspired to write her own mystery party play.
Millie:  Then, Joy chimed in and said they could write several and provide the entertainment for kids’ parties.
Willie:  They’re a creative pair, those two. Did you notice the fondue snacks afterwards?
Millie:  I noticed that the chocolate was dripping down your chin.
Willie:  Were you wanting to lick it off?
Millie:  Willie, the kids might be reading this. Stay focused.
Willie:  Thanks, Annie, for inviting us to your party. It was the best birthday party ever.
Millie:  Yes, thank you, dear Annie. You’re a great neighbor.
Willie:  (Starts melting chocolate on the stove and whistling I’ve been working on the railroad)
Millie:  (shakes her head and opens the bag of pretzels)
Come back tomorrow to see who the Cottonpoly’s were hanging with after the party!
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever attended a mystery party? Were you a suspect, the criminal? What kind of theme would grab your interest?