Photo by Tracy Blowers

Mary Aalgaard writes theater reviews and supports the arts through her blog Play off the Page. She teaches youth theater workshops in the Brainerd lakes area of Minnesota, writes articles for regional magazines, and works with both seniors and youth in multi-generational programs to enhance quality of life and build community. Her website is You can follow her on her Play off the Page Facebook page, @MaryAalgaard on Twitter, and email her at

Hey, do you want to come and Play off the Page with me? You can do it when you’re staring at a piece of sheet music. Your fingers start to play, you’re listening to the notes, and soon you’re hearing more than what you see and you let yourself go. You also do this when you’re acting, whether it’s scripted or improv, you find yourself moving off the printed word and expressing yourself in the moment. Play off the Page means to live in the moment, jump on the bus, experience life.

Mary Aalgaard is a freelance writer and blogger. Her words stretch across the globe through her blogs and articles. Mary is also a playwright who works with both children and adults to create original dramas. She gives private piano, and writing lessons, and theatre workshops for kids at Central Lakes College.

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