Quote of the Day:  When we walk, the two halves of our brains converse. ~ Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way

Yesterday, Sunday, I had the urge to take a walk after church. The service was sweet. I played piano. We were a small crew that morning, so the Pastor pulled up a chair and sat close to us. At the end of his message, he said a prayer. When he finished, a four-year-old boy came up to him and gave him a hug. He pulled him onto his lap and held him while we sang the hymn of the day. The songs I chose for the day were about “telling the story” and how God is with us on the journey. No matter where we roam, the Holy Spirit surrounds us. I suppose I was thinking of my oldest boy whose far away at college, starting his first classes today. I thought of my boys who were with me, ready to start a new school year. I thought of myself and all the new experiences I’ve already had this year, how far I’ve traveled, inward and outward.

So, my feet were ready for walking. My leg muscles were twitching to go, and my heart was open for inspiration. As I walked, step by step, I started thinking of the next play I’ll be writing (as soon as school starts). I figured out how I’d create tension, interruptions, and some of the character dynamics. I heard the music. Ahh. I smiled as I walked along and tucked those ideas in my mind’s drawer. This idea has been percolating for a while and it’s soon ready to pour out.

Paths are everywhere. Short ones. Flat ones. Hilly ones. Paths through valleys and across mountaintops. Go to the edge today, and dare to take one more step.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Write about a walk.