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Quote of the Day:  Thinkolog, according to The Urban Dictionary, is literally, the science of your thought. The path that a person might take to reach a conclusion through thinking and/or reasoning. I thought it was a made up word in movies like The Music Man (Professor Harold Hill’s philosophy on learning to play an instrument) and The Wizard of Oz (The Scarecrow’s honorary degree of Thinkology). I subscribe to the process. It works for me as a writer and as I plan and prepare other creative endeavors. It takes a certain amount of think time to get to the place of making it happen. Robert Own Butler, in his book From Where You Dream, describes it as visualizing what it is you need to create, with your words or images, long before you put it on paper. I find that I also need to be open to the visions. It takes some quiet time. They appear on walks, while relaxing or falling asleep, and while I’m sitting on the back of the bike on a ride with The Biker Chef! I don’t wear headphones or listen to music. You can’t very well hold a book back there and read, and knitting would be a disaster! So, I practice my Thinkology. I discuss this a little further on Misha Gericke’s Blog today, way over in Cape Town, South Africa. Pop over...

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Review of The Heiress at The Jungle Theater in Minneapolis, MN

Quote of the Day:  The Jungle Theater is the best dressed theater! Cher, the Texas Playwright Chick upon entering the Jungle Theater for their performance of The Heiress. The entire theater, from foyer to fancy curtain, is visually appealing. Cher and I are blogging buddies, playwrights, and kindred spirits. She happened to be visiting the twin cities, and I was able to meet her with the opportunity to attend a performance at the Jungle, the first time for both of us at this theater and meeting in person. What an excellent show for a couple playwright chicks to watch together. We talked about it at intermission, after the show, before we went to bed, as soon as we woke up in the morning, and I’m still thinking about the complexities of the story and its characters. It was that kind of show! You wonder, for instance, if the “good” doctor’s daughter Catherine is naturally socially awkward or if she is that way because of how she’s been treated. You wonder if Catherine might actually be better off running away with a man who only wants her for her money than staying close to her father who can’t find a kind word to say to her. You wonder why no one ever built up her esteem, and you wonder how people can be so cruel to each other. You might even wonder how they...

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Review of Illusion Theater’s My Antonia

Quote of the Day:  Cather’s novel is an American masterpiece…at times, I wished I were adapting a terrible book, because then I could make all the necessary changes [of dramatizing it] without worrying that I was desecrating something beautiful. Allison Moore, playwright. I saw her adaptation of Willa Cather’s My Antonia this past weekend, presented by the Illusion Theater at The Lowry Lab in St. Paul, MN. When I received the invitation to attend opening/press night for this performance, I was sad because I knew I couldn’t get down to St. Paul at that time. The PR contact, Anne Ulseth, offered me another time, and I jumped on it. I had recently found a copy of the novel at a used book store and found myself mesmerized by the words of Willa Cather. Reading her descriptions of the prairie is like lying on the cool grass on a summer day, gazing up at the clouds, and imaging a bigger world, all the while holding hands with your best friend. (sigh) The Nebraska prairie is much like the farming community in Minnesota where I grew up. I wondered how the playwright would translate those sensual descriptions and thoughtful reflections to the stage. She did not disappoint. Of course, it helps when you have a very talented cast and crew. The actors brought these characters to life, off the page, and on...

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The Heiress Coming to The Jungle Theater in Minneapolis, MN

Quote of the Day:  Make them laugh, make them cry, and hack to laughter. What do people go to theatre for? An emotional exercise. I am a servant of the people. I have never forgotten that. Mary Pickford The purpose of my blogs, particularly under this heading – Play off the Page, is to promote the arts, and most often that is performing arts, theatres both near and far, and of course, authors whom I’ve met or whose work inspires me. This summer, I have had the honor of being invited to many plays, book signings, and artist displays. Thank you, All! Also, this week, I am co-teaching a class called Kids and the Art of Writing for kids age 8-12. They are sweet, creative spirits, and I am even more inspired by what they create and how much they support each other. Coming up on my calendar is a performance of My Antonia on Sunday at the Lab in St. Paul, MN by the Illusion theater. Come back for the review! I found the book by Willa Cather at a local used bookstore, and dove right into one of the great American novels by a female author. Mmm, it’s like lying on sweet smelling cut grass, gazing at the clouds, and sipping lemonade. Next week, I am excited to meet a blogger buddy, The Texas Playwright Chick, and we’ll...

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My Antonia coming to St. Paul’s Lab theatre

Quote of the Day:  I was thinking, as I watched her, how little it mattered– about her teeth, for instance. I know so many women who have kept all the things that she had lost, but whose inner glow has faded. Whatever else was gone, Antonia had not lost the fire of life. Willa Cather, My Antonia, Read more great quotes from My Antonia on Goodreads. My Antonia, novel by Willa Cather, has been translated to the stage by Allison Moore, presented by Illusion Theatre at the Lab at the Lowry Building in St. Paul, MN. This is a novel that I read, and loved, when I was in college. We studied it. I felt connected to the story of the land and the woman who pioneered it. It was like reading about my own story. I’m sad to say that I am unable to attend the press performances, but I do want to promote the show. Here is the press release.   (MINNEAPOLIS; April 30, 2014) – Following a special performance of My Ántonia at the Red Cloud Opera House for the Willa Cather Spring Conference in Nebraska (June 7), Illusion Theater will bring playwright Allison Moore’s critically-acclaimed show to The Lab at the Lowry Building, 350 Saint Peter St. in Saint Paul, for a 10-performance run June 13-28. A story of the land and the people who came to settle...

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