Quote of the Day:  Thinkolog, according to The Urban Dictionary, is literally, the science of your thought. The path that a person might take to reach a conclusion through thinking and/or reasoning.

I thought it was a made up word in movies like The Music Man (Professor Harold Hill’s philosophy on learning to play an instrument) and The Wizard of Oz (The Scarecrow’s honorary degree of Thinkology). I subscribe to the process. It works for me as a writer and as I plan and prepare other creative endeavors. It takes a certain amount of think time to get to the place of making it happen. Robert Own Butler, in his book From Where You Dream, describes it as visualizing what it is you need to create, with your words or images, long before you put it on paper. I find that I also need to be open to the visions. It takes some quiet time. They appear on walks, while relaxing or falling asleep, and while I’m sitting on the back of the bike on a ride with The Biker Chef! I don’t wear headphones or listen to music. You can’t very well hold a book back there and read, and knitting would be a disaster! So, I practice my Thinkology.

I discuss this a little further on Misha Gericke’s Blog today, way over in Cape Town, South Africa. Pop over there and share your thoughts on Thinkology!

MrHappysundayrideAnd, we finally got out for a ride on Sunday. Mr. Happy was happy to ride along. We skirted the rain, bucked the wind, and enjoyed the open road. And, yep, practiced a bit of Thinkology.

I’ll share some of the highlights of that trip on Ride off the Page. Let’s just say, Mr. Happy was very happy to feel the wind in his hair and drink in the cool, summer breezes!

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What have you been up to lately? What would you like to be creating right now?