Started the day in Billings, MT, with a hot breakfast, made to order, at the Quality Inn. It was a great place to stay. Hit the road by about 9:00, stopped at the local Harley dealership.

Then, on to Red Lodge for a coffee, walked around a bit, gassed up and headed over the Bear Tooth Pass. I’ll admit, when I looked out and saw the mountains, I got a little intimidated. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like amusement park rides because I’m afraid of heights and going fast and feeling out of control. I was starting to worry that I should have considered these things a little more before jumping on the bike. I said a little prayer that I wouldn’t freak out.

The Chef, on the other had, did the Happy Dance.
This is one of his favorite rides.
Made it this far and still smiling!
A few more twisties & turnies and we’ll be at the Top of the World.
Pausing at the top to remember other rides and friends who are here in spirit.
I can do brave things.
This is the sentence I said over and over in my head as we climbed higher and higher, emphasizing one word each time I said it.
I can do brave things.
I can do brave things.
I can do brave things.
I can do brave things.
I can do brave things!
The day was ideal for a ride, sunny, cool, gorgeous scenery. I took tons of photos, even the ones from the back of the bike turned out great. The only glitch in the day, the shift lever came loose, and we had to stop and take a look at it, tightened it up, and rode on.
Along the way, we met other road warriors who shared a bit of their story, some coming, some going, some just wanting to talk to somebody. I’ll write more about them later.
We ended the day in Cody, WY with a delicious meal at Cassie’s. I had a buffalo/elk burger and the Chef had “the best filet I’ve ever had.” This morning, we dragged our feet a bit. Now, for a ride through Yellowstone Park. It looks gorgeous out there.
Be safe. Journey on, and Happy Trails!