Quote of the Day: On acting; I don’t understand what could be so important or life-changing about impersonating someone else or creating a character out of thin air and presenting him as very real. But it is, to me. And again last night I felt that deep, emotional outpouring that comes from deep within. I guess acting allows me to live at a different and richer level than normal life, if that makes sense. And the more familiar I become with this script, the more envious I become because I didn’t write it. Very well done. – David Allan Pundt, who is playing Sam, the Barista, in my play Coffee Shop Confessions.

David and Elvis
Love me Tender, or You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound dog?
David sent the above quote to me yesterday when I told him that I’d like to feature him on my blog today as I’m introducing the cast of my play. I did not hold auditions, which is traditionally how it’s done in theatre, because I wasn’t sure who’d even show up. I’m a no-name, never-heard-of play, and really, I wanted to invite people into this art who would be open to trying something new. I needed people who are willing to take a risk. I knew David enjoyed theatre. We met when he was on the board of a kids drama program in the area. I was directing the youngest kids. I’ve seen him in several shows in the area, and he directed Peter Pan a couple summers ago. I thought he might bite. He said YES even before he read the script. We chatted on the phone. He asked a couple questions. I told him the main premise of the play, and he was in. I was overjoyed!
The first night that we gathered and read through the play, David explained that once he was bitten by the acting bug, he’s been hooked for life. Once a show is done, he grieves it, and after a few months can’t eat or sleep until he has another show to prepare for. I said, “I’m glad that we can keep you from starving.” And, I’m so glad he’s part of the show. He adds a gentleness to this male character who is both part of the set as the owner, and an encouraging and kind male voice in a world of women who are hurting. He gets the importance of this story and wants to be part of its telling.
Here’s my response to David’s above quote:

Oh, David, thank you so much. My heart is overflowing. And, there I was, filled with artist angst, yet surrounded by creative spirits who lift me up.
 Thank you so much for your generous time and talent. You are an actor. You love bringing the story to life. Acting is funny, we’re both someone else and more of ourselves.
Go. Create. Inspire!
I don’t know what it was about Monday night’s rehearsal. It was a full moon. We were all a little “punchy” from the weekend. Or, maybe it was the dye in the lollipops that I brought for props, that got eaten by the cast. But, we were on a humorous role. Sometimes, I think that rehearsals are for the actors to get the giggles out, to enjoy the script and each other before we get serious and reveal it to others. Either way, I was surrounded by the electricity of many creative spirits, and my heart sang.
Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever experienced a yes that felt like pure trust and acceptance? Does the full moon effect you?