Quote of the Day:  I’ve never known anyone who did their art for a living, and now look at all of you. Look at us! I’d love to be in your play! Micki’s line from Coffee Shop Confessions when she meets the writer, Mary, at the shop.

Kimbery Dwinnell-Dillon and Kate Hauble
Having fun during rehearsal of Coffee Shop Confessions
This is pretty much how it is during every rehearsal.
Kate is the same age as my oldest son, Bobby. I met Kate at church and got to know her when I helped with Confirmation. I’ve also recommended her to friends as a terrific babysitter. She’s a wonderful young woman, fun to be around, and has a gorgeous alto voice. This is her first time acting in a play. She said YES as soon as I asked her to be in my show. Thanks, Kate!
Kim and Mary
Kim plays me in the show.
When I was sitting in the Coco Moon, writing this play, I wrote myself in as a customer, drinking coffee, observing (eavesdropping), and writing. I gave myself a few lines. I figured I’d be there anyway, why not be part of the show. Plus, it made for a fun ending. However, I ended up taking the role of Aubrey for this performance. I was talking to Kim at a swim meet. She said that she’d always wanted to be in a play. I asked if she’d want a small part, playing a writer – me. She said, YES! It’s great. Although her part is small, she’s at every rehearsal. She fills in for people when they have to miss, and she does a great “Mary.” Thanks, Kim, for your enthusiasm for my play!

Rehearsals are going well. We laugh and fool around and enjoy each other’s creative wit. We’re rehearsing at the Senior Center. It’s a large, quiet space, and it’s free. In return, we’ll perform the play for their dinner on April. 9. It’s open to the public, too, in case you didn’t get tickets for the Coco Moon performances. I think we’re sold out!

A few shots from rehearsal.

Sam holding up Roxy’s painting, titled: Inner Beauty
The painting is by my friend JeMA. Art by JeMA.

Laura, Roxy, Sam & Lolly
Sam serves Lolly her tea with extra sugar.
Guy, helping direct.
I’m in too many scenes to get a good perspective.
Plus, he’s brilliant.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  How have you used your creativity lately?