Quote of the Day:  Music’s the medicine of the mind. – John A. Logan

Also, Laughter is the best medicine. I don’t know if anyone gets credit for that one. It’s one of the consistent humor columns in Reader’s Digest.  Here’s my own bit of humor for the day.  It’s all good medicine.

I am a member of LAMAA (see sidebar for our blog). It stands for Lakes Area Memory Awareness Advocates.  I am strictly a volunteer member. I joined because I want to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia awareness, and well, get involved.  I noticed that on our agenda for today’s meeting that I am the POC of the website/blog.  Here was my response to that:

Good Morning, Corrie,

So, I see that I am a POC regarding the website/blog. Not being active in the business world, I started to think what POC might stand for:

POC – Person of Concern (like in a crime investigation)

POC – Parent on Call (Me 24/7)

POC – Patient of Corrie, Licensed Therapist (currently, not me, there’s always tomorrow)

POC – Princess of Camelot (again, not me, but now I have some ideas for Halloween)

POC – Princess of Chocolate (Strong contender)

POC – Person on Chocolate (me, totally)

POC – Pickle or Cucumber (matter of taste)

POC – Pill or Capsule (pharmacist’s question)

POC – Play or Coach (depends on skill and age)

POC – Pissed off Customer (while calling your phone service and kept waiting and waiting, pushing buttons, and waiting and waiting)

POC – Picture of Christ (seen on burnt doorframes and frosted windows)

POC – Piece of Cake (yes, please)

POC – Passed Out Cold (hmmm)

POC – Police on Campus (often, for reason listed above)

POC – Petty old Coot (hopefully, not your next door neighbor)

POC – Plethora of Color (Fall, can you feel it coming?)

This is how my mind works. Enjoy your day. See you tomorrow!


Go. Create. Inspire! And, have a little fun!

Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever been a POC?  What might it stand for? Do you ever get confused by cryptic text messages?