Quote of the Day:  What type of writing do you most want to be known for? Question posed to me by Lu at a recent women’s retreat.

Hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh
Here we are at the first Wednesday of another month, and it’s time for another posting for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Click on his name to join in or read more posts from insecure writers and artists.

When Lu asked me the question, above, I did not hesitate when I answered, “A playwright.” That said, my huge insecurity is that I need to get busy. I have started my next play (pat on the back), and think about it every day, but need to make the time to write it. In addition, I’m getting some pressure from my fans (those who saw Coffee Shop Confessions here in the Brainerd area) who are asking, ”So when’s the next play?” (Will this new one be as well received? Will people want to take the time to have a part in it?)

The other part of that insecurity are those words from “the committee” who say, “Who am I to be known as a playwright?” especially when so many women have been working really hard to make a name for themselves as playwrights, to get their plays produced, and prosper. The battle rages on for equality in theatre. Even some of my closest friends believe that more playwrights are men. The truth is, more plays that get produced are written by men. 

I don’t want this to be a post about gender equality. No matter what the roadblocks appear to be, you (I’m also talking to myself here) have the power to leap over them, to push them aside, even ignore them, and carry on. 

So, after publishing this post, and doing some edits on an article (for which I get paid), I’ll be writing the next scene in Grace Notes: Piano Bench Confessions. Are you ready for another original play by the not-yet-famous Mary Aalgaard? 

Group handshake before each performance of my play “Coffee Shop Confessions.”

One huge motivator for me is in sharing the story. The table reading is like a big party where I invite safe, theatre-minded folks to my home (this time the Art Spa house), to read my play and offer feedback. Then, there’s the HUGE celebration of performing it for an audience, seeing people getting together and experiencing the story is thrilling, to say the least.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What type of writing (or art) do you most want to be known for?