Quote of the Day:  A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. — Thomas Mann

I’d like to debate that Thomas Mann quote.  Substitute the word that describes you and your art or skill.  Is it harder for you to create, or easier?  In some ways it’s easier.  You have the desire.  You think of ways to describe things.  I often find myself reacting to a situation or person or event like a writer.  I start thinking of how I can describe it for other people so that they can experience it through my work.  Then, the “it’s harder” part comes in.  I agonize over just the write words and phrasings.
It’s like getting yourself all geared up for that big climb, like Eric on the ropes course up there.  My boys had a preview of their camp experience by going to Camp Shamineau with their class this spring.  It gave them the spark of desire.  They tasted success and thrilled at the adventure.  But, it was still a little scary stretching themselves a little further, sleeping away from home, trying new things, meeting new people.
Last night, it stormed – loud and long.  I was awake for a while.  Then, I felt restless and couldn’t fall back to sleep.  All that crash, bang, boom must have been loud in those cabins.  I wondered if it woke the boys. Who might have freaked out, and if the counselors got any sleep.
Yesterday, was one of those idyllic summer days, temps in the low 80s, low humidity, slight breeze, lots of sunshine. I sat on my deck in the afternoon and read a book. (Hey, the little guys are gone, I enjoyed the quiet time. I can clean house later.). I thought, what a great day to be a camper.  Last night, during the storm, I thought, it’s a bit more challenging to be a camper right now.
Such is our artistic life.  Sometimes the words come easy.  We can see the description in our heads, or just know the right color and texture combination in our art.  Musicians hit the combination of notes that sends shivers through your body.  Then, there are times when you erase what you’ve written, paint over the first layer on the canvas, or try new combinations of notes.  When it’s your thing, you want it to be just right, and that’s when you know it’s work, but you love it.  It’s a hard climb, but it’s worth it.
I’m trying to find the best time to have my play performed with the cast who loves it the most.  I want it to be perfect.  Maybe I need to let go of “Perfect” (the unattainable), and let the creative forces take over.  I met two lovely and talented young women this week – at the coffee shop, of course. They get my play and want to be in it.  I am so encouraged by that – people willing to take a risk with me, a new playwright, and my original play. 
Okay, Creative Spirit, take it away.  I’m geared up and ready for the climb and glad I have supportive friends holding the ropes.
Go. Create. Inspire! (and be sure to wear your protective gear)
Journaling Prompt:  What’s the next project for you?  Where do you want to go with your artist’s life?