Quote of the Day:  This is the best party ever! Rebekkah, age 5, who painted with us at our Primo Art Spa Event last week.  The results are in: A successful event that drew out the artists and inspired us.

I made a plate, that I thought looked like gummy worms, to be a plate to use for celebrations, whenever you need to feel BRILLIANT!
My younger sister, Joy Ciaffoni, and I have teamed up to form the Primo Art Spa to support the arts and artists in the Brainerd lakes area and beyond. We are taking new clients and looking at what group classes we can offer. If you have a request, let us know. If you’d like to connect online, go to our blog Primo Art Spa, or email us at primoartspa@gmail.com.
My signature send-off is on the back.

Journaling Prompt:  What kind of classes, private lessons, or group events would you like to attend?