Quote of the Day:  You should eat a waffle! You can’t be sad if you eat a waffle! Lauren Myracle

Waffles are just awesome bread. John Green
(quotes found on Goodreads)

My church closed and I’m feeling a little sad, so I said to my sister, “Let’s do something fun on Sunday so I don’t feel so sad about not having my church anymore.” We chose to have our First Ever Waffle Sunday. We actually have grandiose ideas about Waffle Sundays for our future home of the Primo Art Spa. We’ll call it Waffles and Words and people can stop over for these most delicious waffles and have a chance to share their writing – poetry or stories, or have open mic where they could sing or read. I think it would be a hoot.
For our First Ever Waffle Sunday, we invited Krista, the publicist extraordinaire, and her four children. Our waffle party had rave reviews. I’ll give you a pictoral recap.
Here is the recipe for Liege Belgian Waffles with Pearl Sugar from Allrecipes. Joy’s friend had been to Europe and raved about the delicious waffles there and vowed to come home and recreate, if not perfect, them.
Joy, preparing the dough and the waffle iron.
These waffles have yeast in them, so you need to let them rise a little before frying.
You need to form the dough, then put it on the waffle iron.
The waiting is the hardest part.
When will the green “ready” light come on?
We served them with fresh fruit, home-made granola, an easy egg bake, whipped cream and chocolate sauce (genache).
Everything was beautiful and tasty.
The company was delightful.
When this expands into serving many guests, we’ll make up the waffles ahead of time. They freeze well and can be warmed in an oven.
In other news: Tonight, the Minnesota Fringe Fest will be doing their lottery and choosing the lucky 165 (out of over 400 entries) productions for the 2013 Fringe Fest. I’m #116. Does that sound like a lucky number? I don’t know. I’ll reveal the results on Wednesday during the Insecure Writer’s Support Group post. Yay, I’ll have lots to write about no matter what the results!!!
Now, on to creating, dreaming, and discovering.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever tried out a new recipe on friends or family? Are you in for the Fringe Fest lottery? What’s your lucky number?

P.S. I’m a little nervous about the Fringe Fest.