Quote of the Day: No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.- Ansel Adams

Every trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is a beauteous adventure, even more so when they are celebrating Art in Bloom. The first weekend of May, they have on display artistic floral arrangements that are paired with one of the numerous pieces of artwork on display. We’ve gone twice, now, and I hope to get again, every year if I’m lucky. We DSC_0166were asked to vote on our favorites. Here are mine. You can see more of the displays on a video and read more about the Art in Bloom project on their website. We could vote for three: Best Interpretation, Most Creative, and Personal Favorite. For Best Interpretation, I chose Tornado over St. Paul. This was also the overall winner! How fun to pick the one that most people also thought was the Best Interpretation. It really is a cool design!




We did not make it to every floor, and did not see all the designs. So, that one is the only one that is the same. For Most creative, I chose Ganymede and the Eagle. It is so beautiful. I love this artwork, and the floral artist really captured the feel of the piece. I like how the flowers lean over, like the bird, and the tip of the boy’s hat.



My personal favorite is this piece by Ivan Vasilievich Kliun, floral design by Joan Hawk. This is what the caption says: Narratives for The Clockmaker suggest that Kliun consumed the daylight hours by tallying figures as a bookkeeper to support hi family. However, his true passion was painting. Perhaps the origin of this painting is his expression of this emulation. 











We also liked this one, which was runner up in the People’s choice award for Best Interpretation.


DSC_0155Most creative went to this little fire hydrant that goes with the statue of a large white dog. Isn’t that fun!




The girls liked the brightly colored piece that goes with a statue that is made up of DSC_0156colored doilies and toys!




Of course, we could and should have spent all day here. Next year, I’d like to get there early and see every pairing. That would be a fairer vote. Even more, it is amazing, beautiful, and exciting. So many people come out for this event. What a great way to celebrate May Day, and the start of Spring here in Minnesota. I’ll share a couple more that I captured on my camera. Photos are allowed, but no flash. The MIA is free and open to the public. They exist on donations. What a gift to the area to have this place!


This was another one I considered for Personal Favorite. The white flowers, the orange for the beaks, and how they three arrangements angle just like the geese. It was so beautiful to just stand in front of this large painting and gorgeous arrangement.


Someone had fun with this design!


More interesting things to look at.

And, a lobster phone with a different way to make an arrangement. Some of the displays were of tiny clay figures or DSC_0159other objects. It would be fun to bring a group of students here to see what they would come up with, whether it be stories to go with the artwork, their own floral arrangements, songs, clay figures, anything that their creative minds could come up with!

Go. Create. Inspire!

And, visit a museum or art gallery. They’re full of wonder.

Journaling Prompt: Do you ever feel inspired by other art forms? What have you created? Can you think of a story that would go with the picture below, or any that have been posted?