Quote of the Day:  “…a talent is something given, that opens like a flower, but without exceptional energy, discipline, and persistence will never bear fruit.”  – Mary Sarton, Belgian-born American writer

From my Mom’s flower garden.
Her spring flowers were gorgeous this year.
When I discovered Orioles in my yard, I set out oranges and readied my camera, but it was the grape jelly that brought them to my porch railing.  Birds have amazing brightness of color.  I’m a bird watcher, but not a true “Birder.”  I don’t know all my varieties, I just like looking at them.  I heard an ad on the radio about a yard service that makes your yard bird friendly with the right plants, feeders, etc.  I’m tempted to have them come here.
The Oriole likes grape jelly!

School’s out for summer, and I’m prepping myself to share my space.  With my own four sons and various friends and neighborhood boys running in and out, I find myself craving quiet time and creative space.  I need to claim it.  Make some dates with myself at coffee shops.  Shut the door and tell them to find their own food.  I can do it, but it takes more discipline.  It’s good for them to see me taking time to do what I love, creating, writing, making music, nurturing my own friendships.

And, they’re not little kids anymore (sigh).  They’re getting more independent. My oldest son is a senior, now, and starting his first job – lifeguard at the Y.  Yay for him!  The three younger ones will go to scout camp for a whole week without me this August.  What adventures await them?
What adventures are waiting for me?
Don’t lose yourself in caring for others.  Find what you love and nurture it, too.  Then, you won’t feel so empty when the chicks start to leave the nest.
This was the fastest school year, yet.  How fast will next year fly with a senior in the house? Too fast. I can already hear the clock gears speeding up.
Tess Hilmo, a blog friend, is challenging us to write how “Life is Good.”  She’s also giving away prizes and promoting her first book, With a Name Like Love.  I was a winner last week, among my treats are See’s candies and her book as soon as it’s released, Sept. 27.  Thanks, Tess.  Go check out her book and great prizes, and tell her how “Life is Good” in your world.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  When you claim time and space for yourself, where do you go and what do you do?