Quote of the Day:  We are marching in the light of God music and text from a South African hymn.  As the text indicates, this is a march tempo.  The words repeat.  We can set our books down and march together.  Additional action words: dancing, singing, praying, walking.

When we walk together, we don’t have to walk alone.  This is the first year that I’m walking in the Race for the Cure Walk for Breast Cancer, and I’m a team captain!  I’m in a group called Mothers of Multiples (MOMs).  One of our members is battling inflammatory breast cancer.  If you want to walk with us, be a spirit walker, or donate, you can go here.  Our team name is MOMS for MAMS.  Kinda fun.

I’m writing a story for our local women’s magazine on The Buddy Walk, which is a walk for families and people who have Down syndrome.  I’ve talked to three local families, and they all have a unique story.  What is common is the desire to build community, to walk together.

Here I am walking, (well, drinking coffee and talking after a long day with middle schoolers), with two of my favorite writers from this region.  We were all presenters at the Young Authors Conference (YAC) in Nothern Minnesota.  If you’ll remember Friday’s post, I was nervous about going, questioning if I belong, and despite that crazy talk, found success.  In fact, we had a great time.  Some of the highlights include: reciting poetry at the dinner table on Tues. night, singing random songs, discussing religion, and serenading the full moon and a couple birthday girls with Amazing Grace.

Roxane (Bob Marley in the above photo) has more details of the fun at YAC on her blog, Peacegarden Mama.

Journaling Prompt:  Have you walked for any causes?  Do you know someone with Down syndrome?  How do you experience community?