Letter of the Day:  F

F is for the Final Curtain for our feline friend Matilda.

Here she is with her best boy, Zach.
As I mentioned earlier this week, Matilda hadn’t been eating.  At first we thought it was her teeth, so the vet did a dental extraction. She still didn’t eat much.  I brought her in.  We tried a few more things, but still she seemed disinterested in food.  On Tuesday, the vet took an x-ray and diagnosed cancer. I sat with her on my lap and let the tears fall.  We all said our last good bye on Wednesday morning.  Charlie wanted to play one last song for her on the piano.  Matilda loved to sit on the bench when my students came for lessons, or when I played.  (See my post on Pet Therapy.) Charlie played, What a Wonderful World.
Zach and I took her to the vet and held her until the last.  He was so sad, he couldn’t even go to school.  I went to my noon workout at the Y.  When I came home, he had engraved the clay paw print disk that the vet made for us.

When a show has finished it’s run, the last performance has “The Final Curtain Call.”  The actors linger a bit longer on stage, shed extra tears, and give each other tender hugs.  As soon as they leave the stage, they will strike the set, and the performances will be but a sweet memory, lingering in the clouds, and yet the experience was worth the brief moment that it existed.  The orchestra has stopped playing the music, but the song lingers on.
Journaling Prompt:  What are some precious momentos that you keep?