Letter of the Day:  E

E is for Eric and energy.  He was energized when he got this Obi Wan Kenobi cape and lightsaber at the Disney MGM studios during our family trip in 2007.  He is officially the youngest of the Rude brothers.  His twin brother Charlie is 12 minutes older.  Eric is more of a poser. He likes plays and acting, like his mother, and volunteers to read in church, or take a part in a script.  That’s fun!  He also likes high energy sports.
What is meant by energy on stage?  I remember once when my little sister came out on stage to do a scene for Fiddler on the Roof.  She played Tzeitel, the oldest daughter.  The director, a woman who was a bit harsh, stopped the scene and yelled at the cast to because they “had no energy.”  We had to debrief about that later. 
Of course, there’s the Robin Williams type of frenetic energy that we’re all drawn into.  He can charge a stadium full of people with his act.  One man on stage with his voice and a brain that runs at warp speed.  Not all theatre is quick-paced comedy.  We also have drama and quiet, emotional scenes.  The energy is still there.  You can feel the audience tense at the moment of truth.  We take a collective breath when the kiss finally comes.  If the actors are true to their emotions and bring them up from the depths of their own experiences, we will react with laughter and tears, sighs, and cheers.
Journaling Prompt:  Where does true emotional energy come from in your art?