Quote of the Day:  I love coffee. I love tea.  I love the Java Jive and it loves me.  Coffee and tea, and the java and me…a cup a cup a cup…pour!

I first heard this song while riding around with my sister in her little Chevette back in the ’80s, listening to The Manhattan Transfer.  Of course, they were great, but I found this recording on Youtube by the Ink Spots and love their true blue jazz style…m-m-m.  I find sippin’ coffee to be invigorating and stimulating everything from creativity to conversation.

So, this morning, I laid in bed until the last possible minute, then jumped in the shower.  No sooner than the first blast warm water, came the knock on the door (no one needed me UNTIL the water turned on), so I said, “Can it wait.  I’m in the shower!”

“Mom,” I heard Charlie, then words I couldn’t decipher. I turned off the water and said, “Just open the door.”

“How much water do you put in the coffee pot?” 

He was making coffee for me!  “I fill it between the 4 and the 6.”

Water back on, knock, holler, “Mom! Which beans do you use – the ones in the red or the blue?”

“Blue!”  (The red is a weird flavored one that I don’t like in the morning, and the clear glass one is decaf.)

The shower goes off.  I hear the grinder.  I dress faster.

“Thank you, Charlie,” I say, kissing his head.  “That was the most thoughtful, kind thing to do for me.”  I looked at the pot.  “How many scoops of beans did you use?”

“Just one scoop.”  I looked inside and the filter was full of coffee grounds.  I added more water and asked him which scoop he used.  “Oh, the scoop that’s the cover of the grinder.”  Whew! That was a bit strong. 

Then, I went out for coffee with the Mother’s of Multiples, our usual Friday morning coffee therapy session.  I could be dancin’ “The Jitterbug” about now.

But, how sweet!  Also, my twins get up early, on their own, come downstairs, turn up the heat, get their own breakfast and watch a little tv. 

Being the mother of four boys has its perks! (wink)

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What gets you out of bed in the morning?  Who makes your coffee, tea, or beverage of choice?  How do you like it?