Quote of the Day: Fear is incomplete knowledge. Agatha Christie, Death Comes as the End

For a delightfully engaging evening, or Sunday afternoon, head on over to the Yellowtree Theatre in Osseo for two one-act murder-mysteries by the Queen of the Macabre herself, Agatha Christie. What a spectacularly wonderful way to kick off spooky season. 

Tara Borman as Jennifer, Christopher Kehoe as David, and Maggie Cramer as Sandra in The Rats at Yellowtree Theatre, thru 10/29/23. Photo: Tom Wallace

Austene Van directs these two intriguing one acts using some elements of old-time film noir, fantastic staging and effects. The first one is The Rats, where Sandra (Maggie Cramer) enters a posh apartment that belongs to her friends. We are led to believe that she is meeting her secret lover there, although some of the circumstances seem suspect. Her friend Jennifer Brice (Tara Borman) enters and asks all sorts of questions about why she’s there. When they’re interrupted by a knock on the door, more suspicion arises. David (Christopher Kehoe) enters looking like he’s both caught in a trap and full of his own intentions. Next, Alec (Paul LaNave) walks in and gives the couple even more to think about. The story is filled with twists, turns, and surprises. 

Paul LaNave as Claud, and Maggie Cramer as Sandra in The Rats at the Yellowtree Theatre, thru 10/29/23. Photo: Tom Wallace

I love how the costumes (Jacourtney Mountain-Bluhm) and set (Justin Hooper) go along with the black & white theme. The ladies wear darling dresses in 1940’s flair, complete with big hats and high heels. The gentlemen have suits with vests and ties, looking like they stepped right off the silver screen and onto the stage. Of course, the lighting (Kathy Maxwell) is important for mood and setting in these plays, as well as fantastic sound design (Jeff Bailey) that is choreographed precisely with the actions of the the actors.

Maggie Cramer as Sandra and Christopher Kehoe as David in The Rats at Yellowtree Theatre thru 10/29/23. Photo: Tom Wallace

The second one-act The Wasp’s Nest features the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, played smashingly by Charles Fraser. This story is set in a country garden where the gentleman Charles (Christopher Kehoe) has hired a man to destroy the wasps and their nest. Poirot calls it the slaughter of thousands (or something like that). He has hired Claud (Paul LaNave) to do the deed. But, there’s a more sinister plot in Charles’ mind, and our highly observant detective is on to him, solving a murder before it even happens. 

Christopher Kehoe as Charles and Paul LaNave as Claud in The Wasp’s Nest at Yellowtree Theatre, thru 10/29/23. Photo: Tom Wallace


Charles Fraser as Hercule Poirot and Christopher Kehoe as Charles in The Wasp’s Nest at Yellowtree Theatre, thru 10/29/23. Photo: Tom Wallace

You can catch these intriguing one-acts at the Yellowtree Theatre through October 29, 2023. 

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Journaling Prompt: What are some of your favorite spooky shows? Do you have a favorite Agatha Christie play, book, or movie?