Quote of the Day: Love is the energizing elixir of the universe, the cause and effect of all harmony. Rumi

A story involving an elixir of love, a sorcerer, lovers young and old, and images of springtime. It must be another Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company (GSVLOC) performance. It was so lovely to sit in the audience on Saturday night, even as the wind and snow blew outdoors and interrupted weekend plans. I made it to the performance and let myself be swept away in the magic of The Sorcerer. My usual companion for these shows, my sister Joy, however, could not make it to the city due to a blizzard. Blah!

Anna Maher as Aline, Seth Tychon Steidl as Alexis, Sif Oberon as John Wellington Wells, the Sorcerer, and Maggie Benham as Aline. Photo: Stephen Hage

I always enjoy a performance by GSVLOC, a company that highlights the enormous talents in the Twin Cities. Seth Tychon Steidl returns as the leading man, Alexis, who is in love with Aline. (Double cast. I saw Maggie Benham at Saturday’s performance). They were lovely, their voices blending magically, hitting all those high notes in a light, easy manner. Doug Freeman is the lonely Vicar, Dr. Daly. I loved his character. He was charming and sad, clueless and smooth. His voice echoed all those emotions. Waldyn Benbenek is Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre (great name) allowing his humorous side to come out. I really enjoyed his fun song with Lara Trujillo as Lady Sangazure, who is always funny and animated in these shows.

Lara Trujillo as Lady Sangazure and Waldyn Benbenek as Sir Marmaduke. Photo: Stephen Hage

J.R. Andrews is hilarious as Mrs. Partlet. The audience giggled at their performance. Partlet’s daughter, Constance, played by Kaoru Shoji is also sweet and funny. She tries to show the vicar that she’s interested in him, but he’ll need a stronger love potion to see the signs! Joe Allen played the Notary on Saturday night, and Matthew Polum was Hercules. (Apologies for getting these names and characters mixed up in the original post.)

My favorite character was the title character of The Sorcerer, John Wellington Wells (of J.W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers) played by Sifryn Oberon. Absolutely delightful performance. They stole the show for me. They have the most spellbinding songs, great facial expression and body language, and of course, the spells. With the addition of mystical lighting, designed by Carl Schoenborn, I was mesmerized by their performance. This is Oberon’s debut performance with GSVLOC, and what a delightful addition to this already strong company! 

Sif Oberon as John Wellington Wells, the Sorcerer. Photo: Stephen Hage

Gary Briggle directs this large and wonderful cast of GSVLOC’s The Sorcerer. Music Director is Randal A. Buikema. Set Design and painter is Wendy Waszut-Barrett. Costumes by Barb Portinga. I’m always impressed with all the lovely period inspired costumes they find for this large cast! Dance direction and choreography by Penelope Freeh.

You can see The Sorcerer by the GSVLOC through April 2, 2023 at the Howard Conn Fine Arts Center in the Plymouth Church in Minneapolis, MN. Parking is free in the church lot.

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Journaling Prompt: What’s your favorite “love potion” or elixir show/story?