Quote of the Day: “What do you call your parents’ room in your house?” Mom and Dad’s room. “No. Famous chefs on television are called what kind of chef?” A good chef. “Wrong again.” 

At Stevie Ray’s comedy club on Friday night, Stevie chose Brett to do a bit where the audience helps Stevie come up with a really bazaar job (Siberian Moth Master who relocated to Fosston, MN) and Brett (who left the room so he couldn’t hear us) comes back to try to figure out what Stevie is trying to get him to say. Moth was fairly easy. Siberian didn’t take too long, but man, did he get stuck on the word “Master.” So much so that some of us wondered if he was stringing Stevie along. And, Stevie, in is master form (see what I did there), reacts bigger and bigger every time! We were laughing so hard, some of us were snorting. Word has it that Brett really couldn’t come up with the word. I believe him. I’ve been stuck on finding the right word before. And, Stevie really earned his supper during that bit. Plus, we were all entertained. Belly laughs tighten abs, right? Either way, mine were sore!!

Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret plays at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres every Friday and Saturday night, doors open at 6:00, full menu available as well as a full bar, show starts at 8:00. The food and drink are delicious. The comedy, highly entertaining. My friend Joanna and I sat at a table with other media supporters of the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. Our table was right up front! We were in the middle, but the guys who were closest to the stage got some attention. Rico shouted out a suggestion, or maybe they simply asked his name, and I mean, with a great comedy name like Rico, how do you not use it. He was the butt of several jokes throughout the evening. He’s a great sport, also an entertainer and DJ on KMOJ 89.9 FM Twin Cities, so he could handle it. Our table was eating it up, especially his friend. More than one of us wiped laughter tears from our eyes.

Our new friends Ellie and Rico recapturing the funny antics from the night’s skits. Plus, Ellie thanking Rico for his good-natured participation!!! Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret, 9/16/22. Photo: Mary Aalgaard

If you’re looking for ways to beat the winter blues (you know its coming), the Covid blues (they’re still here), or any other kind of blues (except Rhythm & Blues, because they add joy), head over to Chanhassen and enjoy dinner (optional downstairs, you can eat as much or as little as you want) and a show. Just be careful when you take a drink, or you might do a spit take on your table mates.

Brett, Rico, Kip, Ellie, and AJ (down front) at Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret on Friday night, 9/16/22. Photo: Mary Aalgaard

Thank you, Chanhassen and the talented cast for the wonderfully entertaining evening: Stevie Ray himself (he’s not there every night), Brett (the master forgetter), AJ (Agile antics), Kip (whom we saw pre-pandemic, but I thought he was a whole new person, well, maybe he is), and our favorite Ellie. She is so talented that she can improv music lyrics on the spot while the piano player, Jonathan Walters, improvises the tune. That one always blows me away. Also, she’s fearless. We’re making plans to come back for the holiday shows, which start the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

Stevie and friends with Friday night’s cast. 9/16/22. Photo: Mary Aalgaard

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: What are you a master at? Also, when is the last time you went out to a comedy club? 

PS: I’m listening to Rico Nevotion’s music as I write this review. I’m loving his gorgeous voice and poignant song lyrics. I’ve heard “Keep it 100” before, and “I’m International” describes his life as an international performing artist. It was great to meet you, Rico, and your friend on Friday night. Safe travels!