Quote of the Day: Most of us live in a world of light. And most of us have a primal fear of the dark. Imagine a world of darkness that is total, without even the faintest glimmer of illumination. That is the world Suzie inhabits in Wait Until Dark. Patrick Spradlin, Director of Wait Until Dark, written by Frederick Knott, adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher

Wait Until Dark is a suspense play set in a New York apartment (great set by Tim Leagjeld) at the end of WWII. Susan (Maren Goff Martin), who has recently been blinded in a car accident, finds herself in a dangerous situation. Her husband Sam (Brian Rhett) accidently brought home something valuable, something that bad men want very much to recover. They’ll do anything to get it. They think they can fool her because she can’t see them, or what they’re doing. They have underestimated the strength, skills, and other senses of this woman. 

This is a great play to watch during our spookiest month, when tales of the macabre are all around us. The creative team at CLC does a great job of building suspense and creating tension. The use of sound (Curtis Jendro) and light (Heidi Eckwall) are vital in this play, as are the special effects (George Marsolek). Susan is learning how to get around in her newly darkened world, and in the end she uses it to her advantage. You’ll want to make sure your phone is turned off for this performance and your Apple watch set to Theater mode. And, note, if you leave the theater during the second act, you won’t be allowed back in. 

Full cast of Wait Until Dark, BCT at CLC.
Photograpy by John Erickson, Art Matters Studio and Gallery
Collage image design by Leon Dahlvang, CLC Graphics Department

I don’t want to give too much away, so I won’t write anymore about the plot. The guys: Dave Endicott, Kevin Yeager, and Nicholas Kory all do a terrific job of making us feel worried for Susan. And, Lily Cameron is darling as the upstairs neighbor girl Gloria, who sometimes oversteps her welcome, and other times is at the right place at the right time. 

You can see Wait Until Dark at Central Lakes College, Chalberg Stage, through October 30, 2021. You might want to bring a friend!

You can read more about the play and interview with some of the cast in this Brainerd Dispatch article.

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