Quote of the Day: Sometimes it’s hard to tell what sort of love you’re in—and who else might be in it with you. In the course of one late-night phone call, long-time friends Gina and Simon—both clever, quick, and charismatic—talk sex and sacrifice, love and loneliness. And in an effort to clarify the terms of human attachment, they risk crossing lines that are hard to uncross. Blurb about On the Line by Dessa


I was thrilled to be invited to listen to the latest by pop star Dessa. Not only is she a great singer/songwriter, she is also a playwright. This audio play, produced with 45 North for their Written on the Waves audio play series, examines relationships. Dessa plays Gina who is on a call with her friend Simon (Ross O’Donnellan), who is across the Atlantic. It’s his Birthday. They’re talking about their latest relationships, how he’s celebrating (or not) his Birthday, her career, and when they used to live together. Simon’s current girlfriend, Misty (Emily Carewe), is somewhere in the background. She pops on occasionally to talk to Simon, or weigh in on a subject. In the meantime, Gina is challenging their relationship, questioning what it is and where it’s going.

It works great as an audio play. I enjoyed listening to it. The dialogue seems very real, like I’m listening in on two friends, who might wish they had been lovers. They include sound effects, and great description. I can picture what is happening on either end of this phone conversation.

You can listen to Dessa’s play On the Line and others through 45 North Theatre Productions and their latest audio play series. It’s like a podcast for theater! 

Dessa’s latest single I Already Like You on Youtube.

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Journaling Prompt: Do you have a friend who might have been more, if the timing was right?