Quote of the Day: Be safe. Be well. Lead with Love. JuCoby Johnson, as he signs off on his audio play, I’ll Be Seeing You Again, streaming through January 17, 2021 from the Jungle Theater

JuCoby Johnson

JuCoby Johnson has written a beautiful, thoughtful piece that is a snapshot of the times. It takes place shortly after the murder of George Floyd. Two old friends run into each other during the protests, clean-up, and aftermath of that event. It also reflects the Time of Covid-19, masks, fears for safety and health. It asks the questions, Where am I safe? When am I emotionally safe? Who am I safe to be around? How do we navigate through these uncertain time? The two characters in the story have found each other after some time has past. They reconnect and share something of themselves, their fears and their hopes for the future. 

As I often do with audio format, I turn it on while I’m doing something else: knitting, walking, sorting. I listened to this piece on Sunday morning while I was making breakfast, but I found that I wanted to just sit and listen. I set the oatmeal on low, poured my coffee, and sat down for a while and let the story wash over me. JuCoby Johnson has captured the moment so well. His writing is rhythmic and lyrical and he weaves music into piece. I went back and listened to Sammy Davis Jr. singing “What Kind of Fool am I” several times. 

The bonus material in these audio dramas is excellent. The interview between the Jungle Theater’s Artistic Director Christina Baldwin and JuCoby Johnson was so interesting. He gives us insight into his creative process. I like how he says, “Creating is part of my purpose of my time here on Earth.” And that he creates for the joy and fulfillment of creating. During these times, we can get bogged down by the heaviness of life, but its voices like Johnson’s that lift us up, that reflect what we are thinking and feeling. 

You can listen to I’ll Be Seeing You Again and other audio dramas in their series at The Jungle Theater. Take a moment to just sit, listen, and feel. And, do as Johnson says in his play: Be safe. Be well. And, Lead with Love

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: What are some moment in time that you’ve captured in your writing, art, or memory?