Quote of the Day: Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. Helen Keller

We are under orders here in Minnesota to “Shelter in Place.” My son Charlie and I were pretty much doing that since last weekend. I’ve only been to the grocery store and the music store, also a necessity in my world. Last weekend, I was in Fargo, saying goodbye to my oldest brother Nathan. He’s slipping away and won’t be with us much longer. His illness (not Covid) put him in the hospital in October. With that added sorrow and the helpless feeling about the world and health, I turned to what helps me – walking and music. Being with people is also balm to my soul, but I had to do that in different ways.

I’m taking a screen shot with my phone to send to a student who is trying to get things turned on. Laughed at the concentrating look on my face. Also, Mr. Happy in the background to brighten the day.

A few of us Mothers of Multiples have a regular coffee date on Friday mornings at a local coffee shop. Not every Friday, but most Fridays during the school year. Yesterday, we met via Zoom, coffee cups in hand. Some of us dressed, others in their jammies (me), and one a little more remote. We caught up. We laughed. We shared what was going on in our worlds. It was good to hear them and see them. Even my cat Leo made an appearance (he’s such an attention hog)!

Every once in a while, I’ll stop here and take a picture of Rush Lake (really a small pond). I watch the seasons change. It’s still frozen over, (3/27/20) but will soon be open water. The ducks and geese are already heading back North.

I didn’t have any students on Friday, so I did other things, like set my chairs out on the deck and read for a while. It was around 50 degree F, but I still felt warm enough to sit there in just a tank top for a bit to soak up the sun. Then, I went for a long walk. It was “meet your neighbor” day out there. Usually, I walk earlier in the day on quiet streets. Again, with the nice weather and the quarantine, I saw several neighbors, even stopped to chat, a good 8-10 feet apart. We are naturally social distancers here in the North! I took a picture of the sign in front of the park – Facilities Closed! That is so sad. When my boys were young, that’s the first place I’d take them to burn off some of that energy. But, nasty virus germs live long on playground equipment that never gets wiped down. Too bad cold and snow can’t cleanse it.

Park Closed. Sad days.

I went home and baked chocolate chip cookies. One of my college boys is quarantining with me. I am so grateful to have him here. I couldn’t do this alone. I’ve been doing most of the cooking since he’s been home, so I put him in charge of dinner last night. We had cookies and pizza. Then, we watched a movie together, “Dr. Strange” with Benedict Cumberbatch. I hadn’t watched it before. It was good. I like that B. Cumberbatch. He’s having an amazing career. I knew him first as one of my favorite fictional characters Sherlock Holmes, and he’s in several other films that I’ve enjoyed.

Earlier in the day, I recorded myself playing/singing hymns for church and shared them on my Facebook page and Youtube channel. It’s a comfort to me, and I knew the church would like some music. I thought my friends and family might need a little pick-me-up, too, so I posted them on Facebook. People have been kind with their comments. The one I’ll post below is for everyone (not too churchy) called “Ev’rything Will Be Alright.”

Be well, my friends. We can soldier through this. Take walks, connect with friends and family. Use this time to breath, slow down the pace, and do something creative.

Go (but not too far). Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: What are you doing to stay connected in the Time of Covid-19 Quarantine?