Quote of the Day: It’s almost like their bodies have become two other instruments in the band. Jenny Wyse, on describing the movement that Tyler Michaels King and Emily Michaels King create from songs written by Jenny Wyse and her husband Joey Ford. There were moments during this performance that I thought the same thing. The Hollow is a concept album performed live with movement and dance.  It is absolutely mesmerizing, beautiful, emotional, and strong.

Jenny Wyse and Joey Ford, singer songwriters and Emily Michaels King and Tyler Michaels King, dance and movement in The Hollow by Trademark Theater. Photo by Dan Norman

The Hollow captures your imagination from the first notes. The music, composed by Wyse and Ford, has similar qualities to folk, rock, and grunge. I thought of the Alison Krauss/Robert Plant duet album several times. Their song Skele-bones + Burial Wrongs gave me the goosebumps. Under Earth and Sod is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. You can hear it on Trademark Theater’s website. They also have a video there that describes this performance piece. It’s hard to put into words the experience. 

Tyler Michaels King and Emily Michaels King performing in their original work, The Hollow. Photo by Dan Norman

Tyler and Emily move in fluid, synchronized motion. Like our relationships, sometimes they are in perfect unison, other times in contrary motion. Sometimes, it’s soft and quiet, other times, loud and overbearing. Often, their movements enhance the music, the way they move, crouch, jump, and breath. The song Happiest Memory “Jump” left me breathless, and I was only sitting and watching. 

Vocalists: Annie Schiferl, Antonia Perez, and Jennifer LeDoux in The Hollow. Photo by Dan Norman

The Hollow is a performance piece of music, movement, and dance. No dialogue. The characters are the dancers, and you can sense their relationship. The songs help tell the story. It’s like living art. I found myself wishing I could be part of something so new and creative with an inspiring creative team. I would love to purchase the music.

The costumes, designed by Sarah Bahr, add character and nuance. They are dressed almost alike, from dark loose fitting fabrics to white clothes tight to the skin. The lighting by Karin Olson brings your eyes where they need to go, creating atmosphere, and darkening at just the right spots. Sound design by Kevin Springer worked well. All the musicians were excellent: Lead Vocals/Bass: Jenna Wyse, Lead Vocals/Guitar: Joey Ford, Vocalists: Annie Schiferl, Antonia Perez, Jennifer LeDoux, Drums: Marcus Bohn, and Marimba: Matt Silverberg.

 You can experience this new and innovative piece of theater arts, The Hollow, at the Tek Box at the Cowles Center in Minneapolis. In this 75 minute work of art, you will be transported. Read more about the creators and their company Trademark Theater

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