Quote of the Day: It’s time to be released from your cabin fever and let yourself commune with others that have been isolated for far too long and fill your souls with great laughs and entertainment! Beth Selinger in her “Director’s Notes” in the playbill for Boeing, Boeing, a farce by Marc Camoletti, translated by Beverly Cross and Francis Evans, produced by Brainerd Community Theater (BCT) at Central Lakes College (CLC) in Brainerd, MN. Laughter lifted me right out of the Winter doldrums. Bravo the the director, cast, and crew!

At first, I wasn’t sure about this play. I saw it done at Lyric Arts a few years ago, and it was funny. I recently saw Stewardess! at the History/HERstory Theatre, in St. Paul, MN, which is a much different play from this farce. It’s about sexism in the airline industry. Read my review here. Even though Boeing, Boeing is about a playboy in Paris who thinks he’s got it made with three “financés” flying in from three different airlines, the women are far from dumb broads. 

Cast of Boeing, Boeing, BCT at CLC, through March 7, 2019. Photo by John Erickson

Under the expert direction of Beth Selinger, this play comes to life in an over-the-top way that lets you release all that pent up energy you’ve been feeling during this grueling Winter. We’ve had sub-zero temperatures, which shut down the schools, including CLC, so no rehearsal. We’ve had endless amounts of snow, wreaking havoc on our roads, cars, and nerves, and also shutting down schools, including CLC, so no rehearsals. It’s enough to make you scream! Still, the marvelous cast and crew rose to the occasion, pulling a marathon rehearsal last Sunday, and it all clicked along like a carefully planned flight schedule. Wait. As we all know, travel plans are never set in stone, and neither are the schedules for Bernard’s (Marc Olipant) lovely ladies.

Emili Lane as Gloria in Boeing, Boeing, BCT at CLC. Photo by John Erickson

We are first introduced to Gloria (Emili Lane) who is from New Jersey, flying Trans-Atlantic Airlines. She’s had her two days with Bernard and is heading towards L.A. Bernard carefully writes her flight schedule in his little black book. Just before she leaves, in walks Bernard’s old school buddy Robert (Mitchell Dallman). He’s stunned by Gloria’s good looks and Bernard’s life-style. As he’s driving her to the airport, Gabriella (Rachael Kline) lands in Paris. All accoutrements are swapped out, including a cleverly placed photo at the back of the set, and Robert meets the mistress from Italia Air. She would like to just put her feet up and relax at home, but time tables are turning, and she’s convinced to go out for dinner.


As Robert is trying to make sense of the situation and settle in for an extended visit with his friend in one of his many rooms, in walks Gretchen (Maren Goff) from her Lufthansa flight, planting a big kiss on his somewhat hidden face. Oh! Everyone is surprised. She’s German, large and in charge. Even though she professes love for Bernard, she kind of liked the unexpected kiss. And, so the plot gets more tangled.

Mitchell Dallman as Robert and Maren Goff as Gretchen in Boeing, Boeing, BCT at CLC. Photo by John Erickson


At the heart of it all is Bernard’s domestic servant Berthe (played by the superbly talented Bri Keran). Her facial expressions alone are worth the trip out over the ice and snow. What a great part! She’s funny, sarcastic, clever, and very much in command of her surroundings. It was an absolute delight to see how she interacts with all the characters, as she is the one who knows all the secrets, and who’s behind which door!

The set design by Tim Leagjeld is his usual amazing work. All those doors! What fun, and probably headache. But, they all operated smoothly, and no doubt all the actors had to be on their toes, remembering which one to exit and enter! We audience members love that stuff. Lighting/Sound Design by Ben Kent enhance the performance and help us keep up with the comings and goings. George Marsolek is the Technical Director, with many moving parts! Dawn Krautbauer deserves high praise for costuming. All the characters were distinct and looked fabulous. 


The entire production of Boeing, Boeing is a fun lift off of laughs. I was breathless just watching the actors move in and out of scenes, and doors, and stay perfectly in character. Well done! Visit the CLC Performing Arts website for tickets, or call the box office 218-855-8199, or hope that there are some left if you show up an hour before the performance.

Rachael Kline as Gabriella in Boeing, Boeing, BCT at CLC. Photo by John Erickson

Remaining Performances:
Saturday, March 2, 2:00 pm

Tuesday, March 5, 7:30 pm
Wednesday, March 6, 7:30 pm
Thursday, March 7, 7:30 pm


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Journaling Prompt: What do you do to get yourself out of the Winter doldrums? 



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June 17-21, 10:00-Noon for Students entering 5th – 9th Grades. Our theme is Extreme Adventure camp. Students will create characters and work together to write a play about what happens during an extreme

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