Quote to start the New Year: Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson (The photo above is of Hidden Lake at Glacier National Park that I took on our summer trip 2018.)

My four sons and I made a trek out West this past summer to Roosevelt National Park and Medora, ND and on to Glacier National Park, two of my favorite places on Earth. The picture above is them looking out over the vast Hills of Roosevelt National Park. It is also the view I had of them for all of the hikes, as I can’t keep up with those four young men! I trailed behind, or went my own way, or rested. There was a moment at the Two Medicine Lake trails at Glacier National Park, where we walked in together, took a rest and a few photos at a lovely waterfall, then parted ways. They wanted to take the more strenuous hike further up. I turned back. It felt so symbolic. They with their strong legs and sense of adventure, heading off without me. Me, walking alone back to the trail head, and a cup of coffee.

Paradise Falls

Glacier National Park

The boys brought my Nikon camera with them to the higher elevation and set up a timer picture. Thanks, Guys! I love this pic of them.

I had a few nervous moments, too, waiting for them to return from Logan’s Pass the previous day. I let them out of the van at 8:45 am. I took a hike on my own, with hundreds of other tourists, to the Hidden Lake overlook, very lovely, then waited for them to return. I didn’t have any idea how long or far the trail was, or how long they’d be gone. By 4:00, I stood where I could see the trail head and stared at it until my oldest son, Bobby, got off a shuttle bus and explained that they’d exited the trail further down. I got them all back around 5:00. They napped as I drove them back to East Glacier Park, where we were staying, and immediately went to the Mexican Restaurant there, where we devoured all the food.

All that leads up to my mantra for the year. I’ve done the Word for the Year since 2009, before the whole world was doing it. This year, my mantra came to me while doing Yoga. The instructor tells you to set your intention, to give yourself something to focus on. I kept hearing: Prosperity, Independence, Strength, and Fluidity. I need to focus on all four of those things physically, mentally, and spiritually.

May 2019 be filled with many Grand Adventures. Do something brave. Set your intention and forge your own path.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: What are your intentions, or words, for the New Year?