Quote of the Day: Without an audience there is no theater. The audience completes the play. 

The Twin Cities Theater Bloggers have voted on their favorite performers and performances for the 2017 calendar year in theater in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. We are a group of about 10, give or take, who get to as many shows as possible in the metro. Occasionally, we have a blogger event where several of us attend a show together. Often, we set our own schedules and get the to shows that fit on our calendar, or are ones that are on our must-see lists. I have the disadvantage of distance, as I don’t live in the metro, but I get there as often as I can. 

Thanks to all the people who create this art form. It is so much more than entertainment. It is a shared experience with friends and family, with other audience members, and the creative team. We learn much about ourselves as we pay attention to stories, immerse ourselves in the moment, and become a part of the experience. 

Please visit our Twin Cities Theater Bloggers page to read about the winners. And, please, support local artists and theaters in your area. They are the heart of any community.

Man of La Mancha at Theater Latte’ Da, through October 22, 2017

Special thanks to Jill at Cherry and Spoon for managing the nominations, creating spreadsheets and ballots, and tallying the results. You deserve the standing ovation for your undying support of theater arts and bringing us together. 

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: Do you have a memorable art moment from 2017, as an audience member, observer, or creator?