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We Are the World Blogfest, August 2017

Quote of the Day: “I think that what they’re trying to do is prove that like even though you have a juvenile delinquent, you can trust them and they can, like, move on from assault and battery.  Also, I think it’s to get our anger out,” Titania said. Participant in a “Sentenced to Stage” alternative to locking kids up for crimes, everything from breaking and entering to substance abuse or assault. Instead, they learn Shakespeare! This post is part of the We Are the World Blogfest created to spread a positive message. From the creator Damyanti Biswas: “We Are the World Blogfest”...

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Reflections on Carmen and the LAMF

Quote of the Day: Love is a bird rebellious, that nothing not can tame, and it is truly in vain that one calls him, if it wants to refuse. Nothing helps, threats or entreaties, one fellow speaks well, the next one keeps silent; And it’s the other one whom I prefer, he has’t anything said but he pleases. me. Love is a child of Bohemia, it hasn’t ever known about laws; If you do not love me, I love you; If I love you, watch out for yourself. That bird that you thought to surprise flapped its wings and flew...

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Jill Hannah Anderson’s Debut Novel Connects

Quote of the Day: Who can you turn to when your life falls apart? The To-Hell-And-Back Club Jill Hannah Anderson’s debut novel that shows the power of connecting with others. Jill Hannah Anderson is an author in the Brainerd lakes area, and I have known her for several years. We met in the area’s Newcomer’s Club and were in Book Club together. (We’ve both since dropped out of it.) It is a thrill to see someone work hard and achieve success in their art and live out their dream. This is Jill’s first novel, and it was a pleasure to read...

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