Month: March 2017

Review of Little Shop of Horrors, Stage North Theatre Production

Quote of the Day: from Little Shop of Horrors, the Musical, the song: Somewhere that’s Green/Suddenly Seymour (link to Youtube, sung by Ellen Greene and Jake Gyllenhaal) Audrey: [singing] A matchbox of our own, a fence of real chain-link/A grill out on the patio, disposal in the sink/A washer and a dryer and an ironing machine/In a tract house that we share/Somewhere that’s green What can I say about Little Shop of Horrors? It’s a weird, tragic, beautiful, fun, strange, emotional musical that tugs at my heartstrings every time. It’s sort of comical, in a comic book kind of way, with...

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We Are the World, Post 1, and Luis J. Rodriguez

Quote of the Day: We need the World first! Luis J. Rodriguez at his poetry reading at Central Lakes College (CLC) in Brainerd, MN on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. If everyone in the world is taken care of, we’re taken care of, too.  I have joined a blogfest called We are the World where bloggers from around the world post on the last Friday of each month something positive that is happening in the world. It seems most fitting to begin this journey with a reflection on the powerful reading by Luis J. Rodgriguez, poet, columnist, recovering addict, peace activist, community servant,...

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Review of The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin at the History Theatre

Quote of the Day: It is important to tell your story…and own your story. Sheila Chin-Morris, daughter of Harry Chin, whose story, and hers, she shared with playwright Jessica Huang in The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin, on stage now at the History Theatre in St. Paul, MN, through April 9, 2017. It is a story that is haunting, heart-wrenching, and human. It’s the story you didn’t read about in your HS history textbook. “It’s easy to think about the multitudes and forget about the individual stories,” said Morris in the post-play discussion.  I absolutely love going to the History Theatre...

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Review of the live action movie Beauty and the Beast

Quote of the Day: I wanted Belle to be more powerful…in charge of her own destiny…which she was. says Emma Watson, on playing Belle in the new live action film Beauty and the Beast.  Before my sister Joy played Belle in a community theater, stage adaptation, of the Disney hit Beauty and the Beast, I hadn’t really paid that much attention to the story. I didn’t like that it was about a woman imprisoned by a man/beast, and she has to win his love in order to be free. However, watching the story unfold, taught me so much more about the...

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Review of Urinetown at Lyric Arts

Quote of the Day: Urinetown is your town if you’re hopeless down and out. lyrics from Urinetown: the Musical, from the song What is Urinetown? Playing now through April 2, 2017, at Lyric Arts Main Street Stage in Anoka, MN. So, you might be wondering, What is Urinetown? It’s a fairly modern musical about sustainability of our natural resources, taxation of basic needs, greed, oppression, resistance, uprising, and since it’s a musical, a little romance between the two classes. As you can imagine it is filled with bathroom humor, social satire, and zany characters. It has the feel of a cartoon, like Animaniacs,...

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