Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Truth: I don’t feel insecure at the beginning of September. Therefore, I forget to write up this blog post. Hence, this one is appearing now. Uff-da. The reason I don’t feel insecure at the beginning of September is because it’s my BIRTHDAY! Yesterday was a wonderful day filled with friends, family, and food. I was able to just eat, drink, and enjoy being Mary!!!

Today is the first Wednesday of the month where anyone who has joined the Insecure Writer’s Support Group posts about insecurities, encouragement, and support throughout the blog-o-sphere. You can click on IWSG or visit the founder of the group Alex J. Cavanaugh

Question of the Day, a new feature for IWSG posts: How do you find time to write in your Insecure Writers Support Group Badgebusy day?

This is probably the biggest reason for people feeling insecure. I think it’s a reflection on feeling unproductive, stuck, overwhelmed, and tired. Most of us have very full regular lives. Taking the time to write fiction, or work on a personal project, takes planning and determination. You have to write despite being tired and pulled in a thousand directions. I find that I have to schedule it. When I was writing Coffee Shop Confessions, I brought my laptop to the coffee shop where I actually used the time to write. I didn’t have the dryer buzzing or feel other tugs at my time from household obligations. I wrote in the mornings because I teach piano after school and spend time with my family in the evening, attending the kids’ events, etc. 

This summer, I scheduled time to work on a new play with a couple student writers. This was wonderfully successful. They’re smart and creative and offer the voice of the younger characters in the play. We’ll continue to do this in the next couple months, and when it’s ready, we’ll perform it at various venues that aren’t necessarily traditional theaters. 

One thing that makes me feel insecure as a writer is that I don’t really like to work in isolation. Many writers are introverts and enjoy hours and hours of time alone. I tend to get lethargic and lose focus. It was actually easier to write in a coffee shop, or have the students over to stimulate creativity.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: Do you like alone time? Are you more motivated to create when you’re alone or with people?