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IWSG, September 2016

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Truth: I don’t feel insecure at the beginning of September. Therefore, I forget to write up this blog post. Hence, this one is appearing now. Uff-da. The reason I don’t feel insecure at the beginning of September is because it’s my BIRTHDAY! Yesterday was a wonderful day filled with friends, family, and food. I was able to just eat, drink, and enjoy being Mary!!!

Today is the first Wednesday of the month where anyone who has joined the Insecure Writer’s Support Group posts about insecurities, encouragement, and support throughout the blog-o-sphere. You can click on IWSG or visit the founder of the group Alex J. Cavanaugh

Question of the Day, a new feature for IWSG posts: How do you find time to write in your Insecure Writers Support Group Badgebusy day?

This is probably the biggest reason for people feeling insecure. I think it’s a reflection on feeling unproductive, stuck, overwhelmed, and tired. Most of us have very full regular lives. Taking the time to write fiction, or work on a personal project, takes planning and determination. You have to write despite being tired and pulled in a thousand directions. I find that I have to schedule it. When I was writing Coffee Shop Confessions, I brought my laptop to the coffee shop where I actually used the time to write. I didn’t have the dryer buzzing or feel other tugs at my time from household obligations. I wrote in the mornings because I teach piano after school and spend time with my family in the evening, attending the kids’ events, etc. 

This summer, I scheduled time to work on a new play with a couple student writers. This was wonderfully successful. They’re smart and creative and offer the voice of the younger characters in the play. We’ll continue to do this in the next couple months, and when it’s ready, we’ll perform it at various venues that aren’t necessarily traditional theaters. 

One thing that makes me feel insecure as a writer is that I don’t really like to work in isolation. Many writers are introverts and enjoy hours and hours of time alone. I tend to get lethargic and lose focus. It was actually easier to write in a coffee shop, or have the students over to stimulate creativity.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: Do you like alone time? Are you more motivated to create when you’re alone or with people?

  1. Happy birthday and happy September 🙂 I used to really stress over not having enough time to write. I’d plot and plod along and never, ever seem to “find the time” to put those ideas on paper. I see now it was an avoidance tactic to keep myself from working. Why? Oh, who knows. Self sabotage perhaps. This summer I stopped writing and really refocused my “why” and “what” in regards to creativity. And out of the blue, seriously, unbidden and unasked came a story. I’m letting it dictate my writing schedule. It knows I work and it knows sometimes the pain in my arm cringes at the idea of typing but when it begins to boil over I just start writing. I have no plan, no outline (yikes!) and it’s so messy-beautiful. What works for YOU is the best way to write 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Being a playwright must help. All that acting out your work must be awesome. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  3. Happy birthday! I have a friend who writes best in coffee shops, so I join her there. Even with talking, we get work done.

    Here’s my September IWSG post – my secret tool for finding writing time

  4. Happy birthday again from a fellow extrovert! While I need silence to write, which doesn’t lend well to writing with people, I also need human interaction. Too much alone time and I go crazy.

    I agree that planning and scheduling are super important for writers.

  5. Hey, happy birthday!!! I hope you had epic cheese.

    And you teach piano too? Is there anything you don’t do?

  6. Happy birthday! Glad it wasn’t eat, drink, and beat Mary.
    You have found what works for you. Stick with it.

  7. Happy Birthday!! It just occurred to me doing plays, writing them that must really aid in the writing seeing and knowing how to physically act things out.

    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

  8. Happy Birthday!

    I am definitely an introvert and prefer writing alone, in the quiet of my office. That being said, I am open to venturing out to a coffee shop or the library with my notebook and pen. 🙂

  9. I love alone time, and generally work well by myself. However, I’ve been in a couple of situations where I created collaborative creative projects and they can be a lot of fun. I would love to one-day be involved in a large, collaborative writing project, like a novel or a shared universe sort of thing, just to try it.

    IWSG September

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day, Mary!
    I’m more motivated to create when I’m alone.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Have you ever worked with a piano student who is ADD? Do you know of any specific piano books/guides that I can use when dealing with these types of students?

  11. Happy Birthday from a shy introvert, scribbling on his novel in the corner of the room! 🙂 Have only happy memories from this birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! I love that you said “uff-da” in your post 🙂 I’m definitely one of those introverted writers who will happily type away by their lonesome for hours. It must be hard for writers who get energized by others.

  13. Happy Birthday, Mary. I envy TV show writers. The collaboration, brainstorming. What fun! Enjoy the feeling of being secure. We don’t get that feeling often enough.

  14. Deborah Jacobs says:

    Great post, Mary. I definitely need solitude in my work and in my life. I thrive on it. But one can take that too far, and I have sometimes done so. A lethargy and staleness can set in. You and I both know I need to get out more. Hence, one of the objectives for my 60th year–which includes coffee shop time and taking in more readings/performances. Thank you for your continued inspiration!

  15. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Isolation goes both ways for me, I can be more productive but sometimes I get depressed. On the other hand, if I’m around others I am compelled to socialize and don’t write or I’m distracted to the point of not being able to write! In those cases I simply write longer the next time I’m alone:-) Congratulations on the play!

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