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IWSG June 2016


Quote of the Day: Any kind of creative activity is likely to be stressful. The more anxiety, the more you feel that you are heading in the right direction. Easiness, relaxation, comfort  – these are not conditions that usually accompany serious work. Joyce Carol Oates

Insecure Writers Support Group BadgeHere we are at the first Wednesday of the Month where many of us bloggers write about our hopes and fears in the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, founded by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Please visit either site for more info and a list of participating bloggers, to join, or offer encouragement.

May flew by faster than the mosquitoes hatching in my back yard. Whew! Besides the normal end of the school year busy-ness, I have a son graduating from high school this year! So many “Lasts.” So much to look forward to.

Last month, I posted about meeting a famous playwright at the Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities Theater Bloggers were invited to a reading of his new play, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and to a discussion with the playwright afterwards. You can read about it in the IWSG May post, and the follow-up, Meeting Lee Blessing. I can tell you that I was living out that quote by Joyce Carol Oates. I texted to one of the other bloggers, Tracy, and asked if she’d like to meet me for lunch before the reading. I wrote, “I’m nervous.” She wondered if it was about the driving, or the reading. I said, “Both! All of the above.” 

IMG_6228[1]I live in Minnesota. I grew up in the rural farm country, about five hours away from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis/St. Paul. I now live in the lakes country of MN, about two hours north of the Twin Cities. I drive there often, now, to view and review plays. I am out of my element driving in the cities, finding my way around, and parking. I was feeling stressed as I planned for the day, the drive, meeting Lee Blessing, interacting with the other bloggers and people who work for the Playwrights’ Center. And, I believe, that the nerves were also the excitement of going to this place that nurtures writers, playwrights specifically. The Playwrights’ Center exists to help you develop new plays. And, by you, I also mean ME! I asked the PR person about it, and she said, “You pay $75 to join, and you can come here to work on your plays, have readings by local actors, maybe even work with a director, or puppeteer, anyone who might help you with your creative work.” Wow. Could I really do this? 

Of course, “The Committee” spoke up during all that to say, “Who are you to  come to the Playwrights’ Center? You’re just a country girl. (insert Nellie’s voice from the old Little House on the Prairie show.) Leave the big time play writing to the City folks.” My response would be something like this: Well, I, ah, I don’t know. I write plays. I feel excited when they’re read aloud. I’d like to see them produced and hear/see the audience’s response.

And, that’s all a little scary, and stressful, but like Joyce Carol Oates says, You need to experience a little stress to live out your creative life! Less Blessing said, “You need the audience to really know what the play is about.” So, you read it here first, I’m going to join The Playwrights’ Center, and I’m going to go there some time in the next year and work on one of my plays.

Who’s with me? I could use a friend. Cher, the Texas Playwright Chick?

I asked Tracy Blowers, fellow theater blogger and professional photographer, to snap a couple pics of me at the Playwrights' Center. They have words all along their railings. Here I am looking excited to attend the reading of Lee Blessings' newest play.

I asked Tracy Blowers, fellow theater blogger and professional photographer, to snap a couple pics of me at the Playwrights’ Center. They have words all along their railings. Here I am looking excited to attend the reading of Lee Blessings’ newest play.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: What would be an ideal place for you to work on your creative project?

  1. Good on you for joining up. That’s a cute picture at the Playwrights’ Center. You definitely look like you belong there 🙂

    I hate driving and having to deal with parking too. I’d much rather live someplace that I can walk everywhere.

  2. Awesome! Way to get out of your comfort zone! I’m betting you’ll learn a ton and have an amazing experience. It’s always terrifying having your work read out loud though–even if you think it’s picture perfect. I’m sending you extra cheese.

  3. Good for you! It will make you a better playwright and might lead to some amazing opportunities.

  4. I think having your work read by actors would be beyond exciting. Congratulations for ignoring the “committee.” Remember, the best is yet to come!

  5. Hmmmm . . . maybe we need a ‘playwrights center’ up here in the North Country! No traffic and easy parking and a lot of artistic people to help out . . .

  6. I love hearing about your plays! It takes courage to put yourself out there like that.

  7. Congrats! I’m not in your area, but I’m cheering you on from afar!

  8. This kind of stress is what I think of as positive stress. Unlike the other negative kinds of stress, positive is healthy and helps us to be more productive. I can understand why you were feeling the stress in your situation, but I’m sure it’s all worth it.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  9. Every time we step out of our comfort zone we grow. It’s wonderful what you’re doing! I love a good play, so I hope to see one of yours someday.

  10. Congrats! I’m very proud of you. Knock them dead. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  11. You conveyed your nervousness very well. I hope you have a fabulous experience and write that play at the center among much inspiration.
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

  12. So glad you joined! Nothing ventured…

  13. Congrats! That’s a big step–braking out of the comfort zone is never easy. Root in’ you on from this side!

  14. Congrats, Mary! That is so exciting. I’m beyond thrilled for you–and very proud of you.

    The ideal place for me to chase my dream would be in some inspiring, slightly creepy setting, all by myself. Maybe a reportedly haunted castle in Scotland or something.

    Or perhaps Stephen King could invite me over for a weeklong writers’ retreat in Maine where I’d be expected to keep pace with him. That would be awesome.

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