QofMbadgeOnce again, Michael D’Agostino, A Life Examined, is making it easy on us A to Z bloggers. Please visit his blog to join the the blog hop or read answers from other bloggers. His Question of the Month is: If a friend came to you looking for advice on starting a blog, what three pieces of advice would you give them? 

This question is timely because we’re just coming off the marathon blogfest that is the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April, so I’ll use this as my Reflections Post, as well. Last week, I met up with someone who wanted to start a blog. The first question I asked her was, “What is the purpose of your blog?” I believe that successful bloggers have a purpose, and that’s what keeps them writing and posting. Your purpose might be to promote your work, art, or product. Your purpose might be to build your brand. Your purpose might be to do more writing and share it with the world. You may be a visual artist or a photographer, and blogs are a great place to share your art. I started my blog to share writing, my photography, and connect with people. I use the quote of the day and journaling prompt because I have taught journaling and want this to be a place people go for ideas. 

Second piece of advice would be to use the blog to interact with people. You’ll find that you meet people from all over the world that you wouldn’t have been able to do any other way. Which leads us to the third and final piece of advice…Join the Blogging from A to Z Challenge! It will either make or break you. It’s a great challenge to post something every day for each letter of the alphabet. You will immediately get comments and feedback because you’re part of a huge group of bloggers who are also in the challenge. But, it’s exhausting, and you’ll be stretched for ideas, time to write and read other blogs, and sometimes you’ll be disappointed and frustrated. In the end, you’ll know if that’s something that gets you motivated to write, post, interact, and create.

I’m glad I participated in the challenge. It’s a great writing practice. I was able to use some stories and photos that I’ve had on hold. It always starts out good with readers and comments, both to my blog, and me reading others. But, it dwindles. We have only so much time each day. My computer got a virus early in April, and even when I had it cleaned up, Facebook blocked me from adding my posts to the thread on the page for the Insecure Writers Support Group, for a few days. On top of that I write play reviews and went to the cities a couple times. Our community had three productions in April, including Guys and Dolls where my son played Nicely Nicely Johnson (He was terrific!). I taught a theatre workshop for kids and we had our performance on the last Thursday in April, and yesterday, I had my Spring Recital for my piano students.  Now, on to getting ready for Zach’s graduation party.


Zach Rude as Nicely Nicely Johnson singing “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat.”

Guys and Dolls, Brainerd High School, Spring 2016

Guys and Dolls, Brainerd High School, Spring 2016

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: What’s your favorite outdoor activity?