I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. My theme is open-ended. My goal is to write daily posts using each letter of the alphabet in April (Sundays off for good behavior and to make it work for the alphabet). I’ll be writing family stories, memoir or journal prompts, reviews about theatre and food, maybe a visit from my sock puppet characters Millie and Willie, and using photos I’ve taken along the way. Enjoy!

UThis was supposed to be a post that combines the A to Z Challenge, the Letter U, and a review of Six Characters in Search of an Author at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul, MN. The problem is, I didn’t make it to the show. I picked up my college boy on time. He sent a text just before I stopped for gas, which unfortunately spilled out onto my foot, to say he got out of work early and had time to go home and change. It was all going fine until we got to about Maple Grove. Traffic slowed waaaay down. I thought, uh, oh, I hope this opens up past the next interchange. Well, a main route around the city is closed, so everyone is taking the same road in. Bah. It did open up some, but slowed down again as we got near our St. Paul exit. Turns out there was a big hockey game, MN Wild vs. Dallas Stars. There was no way we were going to get down town, find a parking place, and walk to the theatre on time. The theatre is near the hockey arena. I turned around and took my boy out to eat in St. Cloud instead. The best intentions… I’m not a city girl. Sometimes, we scoot right down there, find parking, food, and have time to spare. Other times, road construction or other traffic delays get us, and I forget to check for other big events that might cause problems getting to the theatre on time. 

Spilling gas onto my shoe = bad.
Getting delayed in traffic and missing the show = bad.
Spending time with my boy for a couple hours that wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t tried to get to the show = good, very good.

In other news, we got out on the motorcycle this weekend for our first ride of the season. Our plan was to ride with some friends, starting around noon, stop for lunch somewhere, and come home by late afternoon, when the rain was supposed to start. Our friends had the dead battery blues, so the Biker Chef and his friend zipped over to the Harley store to get a new battery. We had a nice ride, good food, and still made it home before the rain.

Speaking of unique experiences, I had never been on a street bike before I met the Biker Chef. Our first summer together, he took me on a motorcycle trip out to Yellowstone National Park, with a quick stop at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. You can read more about that under the category on this blog, Ride off the Page. We’re making plans for this summer.

wlsixI couldn’t make the show, so I’d like to direct you to a great review from a fellow Twin Cities Theater Blogger, Jill at Cherry and Spoon. Go to the show for me, please. I think those characters might be searching for me! Playing at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul, MN through May 8, 2016. 

Stop back tomorrow to read about our unique experience on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: Write about a time when your plans hit a few snags, or when you’ve had a unique experience.