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While I was on my dream trip to the Hawaiian Islands, I had the chance to read Anna Simpson’s mystical mystery, White Light. I know Anna through the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, and other blogging connections. She’s a great writer, a supportive blogger, and a fun/free spirit. I’m helping her get the word out about her newest novel. Millie and Willie (my sock puppet characters who have often appeared during the Blogging from A to Z Challenge) will be conducting the following interview with two characters from Anna’s novel, Aunt Alice and Tom. Emma is the main character. She is in her early 20’s and recently inherited her deceased aunt’s house…and her best friend Mrs. Millie Perkins. They find themselves trying to solve a murder mystery in their quiet little Northern town, and prevent another one. 

Millie and Willie Cottonpoly read Anna Simpson's mystical mystery, White Light, while relaxing on the beaches of Kauai.

Millie and Willie Cottonpoly read Anna Simpson’s mystical mystery, White Light, while relaxing on the beaches of Kauai.

Millie: So, Willie what did you think of Anna’s novel, White Light?

Willie: Turns out, it was a really good beach read, Millie. Colorful characters, a plot that zips along, and enough mystery to keep you flipping the pages.

Millie: I know. Thanks for taking turns reading it out loud, Willie. I loved hearing your dramatic voice as I lay out on the beach with my toes in the sand, soaking up the suns’ rays.

Willie: Toes in sand, book in hand, that’s my idea of a relaxing vacation.

Millie: I could have sworn I was channeling Aunt Alice after we finished the book. I had a few questions for her.

Willie: I have a few of my own, and for that fellow Tom.

Millie: (scrunches eyes, concentrates) Alice, yes, I can see you now through the curtain.

Alice: How did you get in here? Where’s Emma?
Millie: Can. You. Hear. Me?
Alice: Don’t be silly. There’s nothing wrong with my ears. Where’s Emma? Is she ok?
Millie: She’s fine. We’re wondering if you can answer some questions.
Alice: (flattens her hair) Like an interview? Yes, of course.
Millie: How were you able to enter Emma’s psyche?
Alice: As a young girl, Emma was sensitive, very sensitive. I knew it was only a matter of time before I could break through.

Millie: When you were alive, did you and Mrs. Perkins try to solve mysteries?

Alice: Tried? We certainly did more than try. It was getting the police to listen to our discoveries that was the problem. Benny the bully can be… difficult at times.

Millie: Did the townsfolk think you were just a couple of busybodies?

Alice: (sighs) Well, some did. Not much can be done about that, but others came to us with problems. The Dunster area is a wholesome place. And Millie, Mrs. Millie Perkins that is, and I are more than ready to help.

Millie: Do you have to be in someone’s psyche to experience the natural world, or do you roam around as a spirit?

Alice: Not experienced the way you mean. To be honest (looks around) I don’t know how we are communicating. Up until this moment Emma was a special case. (snort) Sorry, that sounded better in my head.

Millie: Since your best friend was named Millie, and I’m a Millie, maybe we have a connection. Plus, I am a dog whisperer. Do you feel you still have work to do in the natural world, and do you plan to do it through your niece Emma?

Alice: Well, not so much now that the murderer has been caught. If Emma needed me that would be a completely different matter. I’ll always be there for her.
Millie: Thanks for helping out so much, Alice.
Willie: Thanks, Alice. It’s been good communicating with you. What do you think of that fellow Tom?

Alice: (fans herself) Tom is hot and quite the lover.

Willie: Ah-hmm, yes (blushes, Millie smiles) You had a thing for him. I’ll keep that in mind as I question Tom.

Alice: (blushing) Hold it bub. Don’t tell him that. He doesn’t know anything about me.
Willie: Say, Tom, what is it that you do in Ravenglass Lake?

Tom: (adjusts his tie) Me? I’m the local IT guy the tri-city area.

Willie: Have you ever uncovered information that you were tempted to share with someone, especially the cops?

Tom: (clears his throat) I do a lot of confidential work for the police so I know how bad bad can get. What Emma does with Mrs. Perkins is something that has to stop. Emma’s neighbor is a menace.

Willie: What would be an ideal vacation for you?

Tom: Far away from… Some place cozy with snow and a fireplace would be perfect. I like to snowboard and making a snowman with Emma would be a great way to spend the day.

Willie: What’s your favorite meal?
Millie: That’s my Willie, always thinking about food.

Tom: I love the burgers at Quackers Pub. The best on this side of the border.

Willie: What are your intentions towards Emma?

Millie: Willie!
Tom: (blushes, shakes head) Let’s just say, I have plans.
Willie: I’m just looking out for the young lady. Her dad’s not around. We’re like friends now that we read her story.

Tom: Don’t worry. I’m the honorable type.

Millie: I’m sure you are, dear.
Willie: But, I’ll be watching you.

Millie: Thanks, Aunt Alice and Tom. While reading the book, I wanted to know a little more about you.

Willie: Especially, you, young man.

Millie: Aunt Alice, I wish you peace in the afterlife, and continued connection to those you love.
Alice: Thank you, I hope so too.

Willie: Tom, I wish you much success, and you better be a gentleman towards Emma.

Tom: Will do.

white_lightVisit Anna’s blog Emaginette for more on her books, characters, and what happens in the seemingly quiet town of Ravenglass Lake. You can find her latest novel, White Light, on Amazon and her website.


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Journaling Prompt: Do you believe that spirits are present, but mostly unseen? What happens in the afterlife? Have you ever had a sixth sense about something?