Question of the Month: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? The Question of the Month is a blog hop hosted by Michael D’Agostino, over at A Life Examined. Visit his site to read more answers to the question and/or participate. I look forward to the question every month and reading other bloggers’ answers. This one wasn’t as cut and dried for me. I feel I stand in both boxes in the Myers Briggs personality test. In fact, one time we did this QofMbadgeexercise in a church group, and the leader actually taped out the boxes on the floor. By the end, I was singing “Don’t fence me in” in my head. I’m not a fan of standing in boxes, and I make it a point to “Play off the Page!” Anyway, in the three other categories, it was clear where I stood, but not that I/E square. When it comes to social settings, it really depends on the event and who is there. If there are too many strangers, to me, or I feel it’s not “my crowd,” I’m really shy about showing up. I get stressed out in large crowds, and I do like to decompress in some quiet space. On the other hand, I get really fired up teaching children. I have 14, or so, elementary and middle school kids in my theatre classes. I feel the creative energy firing up when I’m teaching. I love writer’s conferences and theatre events. As a freelance writer, I feel I have the best of all worlds. I enjoy going out and meeting with the people for the article. I love hearing their stories, seeing what they do, and feeling the energy of their environment. But, when it comes time to write the story, I’m sitting at home alone at the kitchen table where I don’t have any major distractions. (I’m really good at ignoring the dryer buzz when I’m in the middle of writing an article.) So, there are times when I get energized by being with other people, and there are times when I need some quiet time. However, if I’m alone too much, I get all “schlumpy” and blue. I find myself sitting around, watching mindless television, and not feeling at all motivated to work on projects. I need people. The Biker Chef says that I’m more introspective. Good word, honey. I’ll go with that and keep standing on the line between the Introvert and Extrovert boxes.

Good question, Michael. I look forward to what you come up with for next month.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: Where do you stand on the Introvert/Extrovert spectrum?