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IWSG, August 2015


Quote of the Day: We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained. – Marie Curie

InsecureWritersSupportGroup.jpgToday is the first Wednesday of the month where those of us who are part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group post about our insecurities and offer support and encouragement to other writers and creative types. If you’d like to read more blogs on this, or join, go to their website, or visit the founder Alex J. Cavanaugh

One evening when my boy Charlie was about 10 years old, he sat on the floor of my bedroom next to the bookshelves, trying to find something to read. His most oft used phrase is, “Mom, I finished my book. Now, what should I read?” I love it, but sometimes, I’m out of ideas, or books that he’d like. He’s 15 now, and asked if he and his twin brother could order “a whole bunch of books” for their birthday. Of course, I said, “Yes!” Anyway, while he was looking for a book, he looked up at me and said, “I believe that everyone is here (on Earth) to do something grand. Or, maybe their supposed to have kids, and their kids will do something grand.” 

I think of his words whenever I start to get a little wobbly in my confidence. I have wondered, at times, does what I’m doing even matter? Who cares, anyway, what this middle-aged mom writes about? Is there really a point to this? Am I wasting my time?

How do we really know if what we’ve said, done, or written has made a difference? Sometimes, we get a little feedback from students, blog comments, people might say something if they read an article you’ve written. When I had my play performed locally, I felt a profound shift, like I had done something grand. 

I want to feel that again.

How about you, my comrades in creativity? Have you ever felt that you’ve done something grand? Keep doing what you’re doing, work hard, put yourself out there, and it will happen.

I’m keeping this post short this month. I’m traveling and won’t be able to visit blogs much until I get home. So, thanks for stopping by, and I’ll leave a note on your doorstep when I’m back in good WiFi territory! You can see highlights of our motorcycle trip on my Play off the Page facebook page. I’ll have posts about it when I return under the heading Ride off the Page on this same website.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: What grand things do you hope to accomplish? Been on any grad adventures?

  1. You have a wise boy! I needed this today, thank you!

  2. Yes, the day I had my son. Nothing has compared so far.

    Anna from Elements of Writing

  3. I’m glad you feel inspired. And why wouldn’t someone want to read your words? Why is middle aged a dirty word–it’s life experience. You’ve survived, you’ve preservered. And you’re a mom. Congratulations on doing the hardest job on earth. Your role should be celebrated. I would much rather read words from an experienced mother than an entitled person with no life experience. Just saying.

    Here is my August IWSG post. It’s the second post on my blog today because my Pitch Wars mentor bio needs to stay at the top. Thanks!

    • Mary Aalgaard
      Mary Aalgaard says:

      Thanks, Stephanie. Those are wonderful words of encouragement. I’ve always felt that way, too. Age doesn’t make you obsolete, it makes you the wise person with the most interesting stories.

  4. I like the way your son thinks. I feel that we all are here for a purpose. Its up to us to discover that purpose.

  5. Wow! What a great and wise kid! You must be an awesome mom, too! This is incredibly inspiring.

    I’m not sure I need to do something grand, but I am trying to do my best writing, one day at a time. I’m getting my second novel ready for a spring release and researching novel #3.

    I do, however, have a grand adventure coming up in October when we start living in NYC part-time. I’m hoping to take advantage of all the author talks and other cultural richness, while maintaining my quiet gardening life in the Pacific Northwest in the summer (when it’s heavenly here).

  6. Your son is very wise.
    I’m here to give God glory. That’s grand enough for me.

    • Mary Aalgaard
      Mary Aalgaard says:

      You do many grand things, Alex. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. You are God’s servant through your words.

  7. I love your son’s response. I did something that for the people of the small city where I lived, seemed grand. I wrote some newspaper columns that touched many people’s lives. I feel as if I had my fifteen minutes of fame, although I didn’t need it. The important part was that I used words to make people happy.


    P.S. I have a book to suggest that teen boys might like: Dragonbait by David McLain. I edited it and enjoyed it very much.

    • Mary Aalgaard
      Mary Aalgaard says:

      Thanks for the book suggestion, Janie. I put it on his list. Also, it is grand that your wrote those stories for your community.

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