Last night was a beautiful evening for a ride here in Minnesota, mid-70’s, clear sky, light breezes. So, the Biker Chef said, “Let’s go for a ride and watch the odometer turn over.” We had about 100 miles to go, so we took a spin around lake country, scared away a deer, watched a raccoon family  scavenge for food alongside the road, and saw three majestic eagles perched near their nest at the top of a pine tree. Just as the sun was setting, the Biker Chef stopped to take a picture of 99,999 miles. And, then.

The Biker Chef's Harley Davidson Road King turns 100,000 miles!

The Biker Chef’s Harley Davidson Road King turns 100,000 miles!

The Biker Chef bought this bike brand new, in 2003, and has personally put all but maybe 50 miles on it himself. He loves this bike and would never sell it. “The old girl’s hanging in there,” he says. Of course, she’s needed a few tune-ups along the way and had an engine rebuild this year to get ready for the 2015 riding season, and the ride to the rally (Sturgis’ 75th Annual Motorcycle Rally) this August.



Of course, Mr. Happy likes to get in on the action/celebration!



Not many people put 100,000 miles on as a rider, much less on one bike, nor do they keep and ride the same one. This is a huge milestone (ha) for the Road King, the Biker Chef, and Harley Davidson motorcycles. It was a gorgeous night for a ride, and I’m glad I was riding along!

Riders, how many miles do you average riding in a season? How long have you kept any of your bikes? What milestones are you celebrating?