During the month of April, I participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. That is 26 posts in one month, for each letter of the alphabet, time off for good behavior on Sundays. Over 1800 bloggers are participating this year. Last I checked, I was #858. This year, Millie and Willie Cottonpoly, my sock puppet creations, are here to tell you their story and share reviews, ideas, and inspiration with you. They’re also helping to teach theatre classes for kids in the Brainerd area, and continue to view and review theatre productions and some books. This retired couple doesn’t just sit around watching reruns on MeTv. (Although, Willie does like to put up his feet whenever Petticoat Junction comes on. It’s that sound of the train whistle. Millie makes no apologies for watching the Lassie marathon while holding her dog Tillie on her lap.)

Q is for quilts, those soft, warm blankets that we love to snuggle under when we watch TV, or on our beds at night. My mom makes beautiful quilts. She spends hours matching colors, sewing the patchwork together, adding the batting and backing. She makes quilts for all the kids and grandkids, and does a special one when they graduate from high school or get married. Babies get little ones with really soft fabric. She has made special square with embroidery. Bobby got one with snowmen when he went off to Texas for college. She helped me make one for the Biker Chef using old t-shirts. With all this blogging, writing, and reading, I feel like snuggling up under one of the quilts and taking a big nap! How are all of you doing with the challenge? Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and commenting. My blog has had a few glitches, lately, sorry about that.

Millie: Grandma Jane makes the best quilts.DSC_0302
Lillie: I like the squares that have pink and flowers.
Billie: I like this blue. Hey, the biker one is awesome!
Willie: It’s nice and cozy, too.
Millie: Shh, everybody, I need a nap.


Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt: Do you have or make quilts? Do you have special items/gifts from your parents? Does anyone else need a nap?