Quote of the Day:  Would you like to swing on a star, Carry moonbeams home in a jar. Or be better off than you are? Or, would rather be a… From the song Swingin’ on a Star. I’m planning to use this song as inspiration for the up-coming theatre classes for kids that I’m teaching this spring. The animals mentioned in the song are mule, pig, and fish. They’ll probably come up with some additional verses! I also plan to use some rhythm work with the kids, kind of like a Barnyard Stomp!

Willie and Millie Cottonpoly

Willie and Millie Cottonpoly

Millie and Willie Cottonpoly, my sock puppet creations, are getting ready to create a story with another theatre class for kids in our area. They have a cousin, Dyllie, out on the farm, and some mysterious things have been happening. To get the ideas flowing, and introduce the story to the kids, I’m writing an intro to The Mystery at the Old Farm

Willie: Say, Millie, I have a hankering to get out of town and soak up some good country fresh air, not to mention eggs, and other farm fresh produce from my cousin, Dyllie. What do you say we pay him a visit?

Millie: We could use a bunch of eggs, Willie, with Easter right around the corner, egg coloring with Billie and Lillie, egg hunts.

Willie: Your delicious deviled eggs with extra paprika sprinkled on top. Egg bake for breakfast, of course. And, custard pie. You’ll make your traditional custard pie, won’t you Millie?

Millie: You’d better call Dyllie to see if the hens are laying and if she’s saved up a few dozen eggs for us. Looks like I’d better find my baking apron.

(Phone rings at the old farm. Dyllie answers.)

Dyllie: Hello, Argyle Farms, Dyllie speaking.

Willie: Dyllie, your cousin Willie calling, how’s the farm life treating you?

Dyllie: Willie, It’s good to hear your voice. There’s some strange happenings around here.

Willie: What’s going on, Dyllie? We were planning on stopping out this weekend to pick up a few dozen eggs and soak up that good country air.

Dyllie: It’s not smellin’ so good out here right now, Willie. My horse Phillie has come down with a mysterious illness. Last night, another one of my cows disappeared. And, you can forget about buying eggs. The hens stopped laying about a week ago. I don’t know what’s going on.

Willie: Millie and I will leave right away. We should be there by nightfall. We’ll help you get to the bottom of this.

Millie: What’s going on, Willie?

Willie: It’s not sounding so good, Millie. Something strange is happening on Dyllie’s old Farm.

Millie: Do you think it’s safe to bring Tillie?

Willie: How are your dogs?

Dyllie: The dogs are agitated, but sticking close to home. I don’t think anything’s coming after them. You can bring Tillie. She should be fine. I know how she likes to run with Bruno and Sharpie. If things settle down, I can show you the work I’ve done on the doggie park. Millie might have some ideas for her canine friends.

Willie: Her dog whisperer clients might be all over that, Dyllie. Bring the pooches out to the farm, let them run off steam, get their quirks out.

Dyllie: That’s what I’m talking about, Willie. (strange whirring sound in the background). Willie, I gotta go check that out. You might want to hurry.

I introduce the story with the puppets, then invite the kids to chose roles to fit into the story, and help solve the Mystery of the Old Farm. I’m always amazed at what they come up with. They’re creativity is so fluid. The elementary class is full, but I still have room for kids in the middle school class. We’ll be starting the week after spring break. What a great time to think about spring, farms, fresh air (and eggs), and solving mysteries.

I hope the weather is warming up in your neck of the woods, and that you have plenty of fresh air and creativity flowing through your brains.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever spent time on a farm? What’s your favorite farm fresh food? What do you think is the strange thing happening at the farm?

For more information on the theatre classes, you can email me at Mary@playoffthepage.com. Classes run on Thursday evenings, March 19-April 30, with a performance for friends and family on the last day. To register, call the Central Lakes College box office. 218-855-8199. Thanks!