This is a special press release post for composers and musicians who would like to participate in National Composer Night Out  in May, 2015. I’m including the info that Danielle Cristal sent me on the event with links to apply on their website.

American Composers Forum Seeks Participants for National Composer Night Out Applications Available Now to Participate in National Celebration of New Music

Saint Paul, Minn., Nov. 17, 2014 – Beginning today, composers and community groups can apply to participate in American Composers Forum’s (ACF) National Composer Night Out, a campaign designed to connect composers and communities throughout the United States physically and virtually in a tapestry of new music events. National Composer Night Out, in honor of ACF’s 40th Anniversary, will take place on Thurs., May 14, 2015.

American Composers Forum invites composers, performers, producers and new music fans to participate in National Composer Night Out (NCNO) in two ways: host an event of their choosing in their community and/or submit an audio file with a short sound bite of a new musical piece. The application deadline to host an event is Jan. 9, 2015, and the deadline to submit a sound bite is May 1, 2015. Submissions are accepted via the National Composer Night Out webpage.

National Composer Night Out will have events ranging from professional composers conducting concerts to small gatherings of new music lovers. Spearheaded by ACF, a national organization located in St. Paul that nurtures the creative spirit of and provides opportunities to composers, all NCNO events will take place on the same evening as part of a nationwide initiative.

Also to mark ACF’s 40th Anniversary, a local celebration will take place in St. Paul on May 14, 2015. During the event, participants who submitted sound bites will have their names, sounds and images seen and heard via video projection at the party and will also be shared widely on social media.

“We’re expecting composers and communities nationwide to participate and celebrate National Composer Night Out in honor of our 40th Anniversary,” said John Nuechterlein, president and CEO of American Composers Forum. “After 40 years, America Composers Forum is now, more than ever, providing, nurturing and fostering the creation of new music and the people who create it.”

One of the nation’s premier composer service organizations, the Forum provides composers at all stages of their careers with valuable resources for professional and artistic development. ACF’s 1,800 members include composers and performers, presenters and organizations that share the Forum’s goals, and individuals and institutions with an interest in supporting new music.

Applications are now available online for American Composer Forum’s National Composer Night Out. The NCNO campaign is designed to celebrate ACF’s 40th Anniversary, while raising awareness and fostering a sense of community nationwide for composers and others who create new music. For more information about how to participate, visit the National Composer Night Out page on the American Composer Forum’s website.

About American Composers Forum

The American Composers Forum enriches lives by nurturing the creative spirit of composers and communities. ACF provides new opportunities for composers and their music to flourish, and engage communities in the creation, performance and enjoyment of new music. With a national presence, the Forum fosters the demand for new music and helps develop the next generation of composers, musicians, and music patrons. For more information, visit