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Review of the movie Chef

The Biker Chef got the movie Chef for Christmas. It seemed like a good pick for him considering the title, the...

Review of the movie Chef
posted on: Dec 31, 2014 | author: Mary Aalgaard

Christmas Carolers and Stage North...

Quote of the Day: Here we come a-caroling among the leaves so green. Here we come a wandering, so fair to be seen....

Christmas Carolers and Stage North’s A Christmas Carol
posted on: Dec 19, 2014 | author: Mary Aalgaard

International Dinner – Phở

Phở, a Vietnamese soup, was the second course for our International Dinner. We chose Phở because we wanted something...

International Dinner – Phở
posted on: Dec 9, 2014 | author: Mary Aalgaard

National Composer Night Out

This is a special press release post for composers and musicians who would like to participate in National Composer...

posted on: Dec 8, 2014 | author: Mary Aalgaard

Review of A Christmas Story at The Or...

Quote of the Day:  Either no one will go see this show, or millions of people will. said famous movie reviewers...

Review of A Christmas Story at The Ordway in St. Paul, MN
posted on: Dec 6, 2014 | author: Mary Aalgaard

IWSG December 2014

Quote of the Day:  “If you can forget about publishing and simply use this time to write, to explore, to discover, if...

IWSG December 2014
posted on: Dec 3, 2014 | author: Mary Aalgaard
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