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International Dinner, 2014, Chilaquiles


The Biker Chef and I hosted an International Dinner Party. The idea for the party started with a request from Jodi Schwen, editor of Lake Country Journal magazine, for a story on hosting an International Dinner Party. We liked the idea and sat down to write out the menu. You can read the article in the October/November issue of Lake Country Journal. I will run a few posts on the menu items we chose, with pictures of course, and a description of the recipe. First, I want to say, if you haven’t hosted a dinner party, or it’s been a while, start planning one now. It is a great way to bring friends together. Once they start sampling the delicious offerings, accompanied by their favorite beverage or pairing, the conversation starts flowing. And, as they say Up North: A good time was had by all.

We started the dining adventure with Chilaquiles, a Mexican dish that’s not too spicy, just filled with great flavor. One guest liked it so well she went back for more, then realized we’d have several courses and said, “Oh, no, I had doubles of the first one!” How can you help yourself when it’s so delicious!



I suppose it’s similar in style to nachos, but it’s nacho usual nacho! The base layer is corn tortilla chips, topped with green chile sauce (verde), smoked chicken, queso fresca or chihuahua cheese (Mexican cheeses) and pico de Gallo. Yes, you’ll want doubles of this one. In fact, it would be a great snack to serve when you have friends over to watch a game or for movie night. The chef made this dish for me when we were in Mexico one winter. He served it for breakfast, so instead of the smoked chicken he used fried eggs and topped it with fresh avocado. Yum. I wish I had a plate of it right now!

Our guests really enjoyed the Chilaquiles!

Our guests really enjoyed the Chilaquiles!

What are some of your favorite appetizers? Do you have one that is tradition or from a certain culture or country? Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?

(I’d say that the best Norwegian heritage appetizer is lefse.)

Go. Create. Inspire! And, share an app with a friend.

  1. This sounds fun! Makes me think it would also be fun to have a sort of pot luck international dinner where each person brings a dish from the country they prefer, and everyone samples it all. Either way, I just love food.

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