Quote of the Day:  Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have. Lloyd Alexander, found on Winding Oak’s facebook page, a place that supports libraries, librarians, and children’s literature.

Last night was the 2nd annual Wine and Words event for the Brainerd Public Library. I was a guest at the Blue Cottage Agency table with some fun friends, who are library/word geeks just like me! Lorna Landvik was once again our MC, and she does a tremendous job. She’s funny, personable, and a great writer, too. Her newest book, Best to Laugh, comes out September 15, 2014, and I will be sure to ask for it for Christmas, as it misses my birthday by almost 10 days. 

DSC_0278Sheila DeChantal started this event last year, and with the help of many volunteers/library geeks, they pulled off a huge event with over 200 attendees, 114 silent auction gift baskets, five – make that six – successful and dynamic authors, and a fine meal. To find out more about the event and this year’s authors, go to their Friends of the Brainerd Public Library website.

Also, making front page news in the Brainerd Dispatch, over 1400 kids (including teens) participated in the summer reading program! 13,000 hours of reading. Woo Hoo!

Since the evening was all about libraries, one of the authors Barbara Claypole White, who found herself in a new country, new community, and a new mom, said about the library, “I would have lost my marbles if it weren’t for story time at the public library!” I can relate, Barbara.

DSC_0274I was excited that I got the winning bid on the “Orphan Train” gift basket. I didn’t read the description, so I didn’t realize that I got multiple copies. I immediately gave one to my friend Elizabeth, and plan to divvy them out to friends and family. I will not be starting a book club, even though this would be a wonderful choice, because I am a Book Club dropout. It didn’t work in my lifestyle.

Overall this was a wonderful event. In fact, it was so well attended that it was a bit tight in the room! I was so close to the guys at the next table that I was bumping shoulders with one, and could read the constant text messaging by the younger fellow.

Thank you, Sheila and friends of the library, for this event and building up our library, a place for everyone.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  How do you feel about libraries? Which authors would you like to see at an event like this?