Zorbaz is a popular restaurant in several locations around the lakes country of Minnesota. The first Zorbaz opened in 1969 in Detroit Lakes, MN, and named after Zorba the Greek, a fun-loving, free-spirited character, the theme of all Zorbaz that currently exist, 11 in all. They serve pizzas, Mexican dinnerz, zpaghetti, zalad, zpecialties, exzeterra. They also have fun using Z in their adz and menuz. Zummer Dayz are ezpecially fun at Zorbaz with outdoor evenz, live muzic, and fun.

Families can hang out there on a Sunday afternoon, or most weekdays. Night life, though, is for the adults, often the younger set where mingling in swim wear and wet t-shirt contests are encouraged. Some of the locationz are open year-round, while others are seasonal. All of them have great food, energetic staff, and fun events that go along with living and vacationing in lakes country.

Macho Nachoz at Zorbaz on Gull (from their facebook page)

Zorbaz is a fun hangout in the central lakes area of Minnesota. Do you have a place in your are that celebrates fun?

Well, folks this post concludes the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for 2014. I made it. Posted nearly every day. Was late only once with W, and basically ate my way through the month, with the Chef’s assistance. We’re doing a Reflections Post next week, so I’ll stop here with my ranting. Time for some zzz’s then a zumba class or long walk to burn off all those delicious calories. I hope you enjoyed the launching of our food blog, and thank you so much for reading!

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