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The Biker Chef Pizza

The Biker Chef Pizza

A new pizza joint opened up in Baxter a few months ago. They had a fun challenge through their restaurant, and facebook, asking customers to create their own pizza that is inspired by a movie. We kind of went backwards. The Chef came up with the above pizza ingredients and asked me to look up a movie set in Cajun Country. I found “King Creole” starring Elvis Presley, set in New Orleans. Here’s what I wrote for a description on their facebook page: This one comes from the Biker Chef. The ingredients: Andouille sausage, fresh garlic, sweet red pepper, green pepper, and red onion, add a hip swivel and you’ve got Elvis Presley’s “King Creole,” from the 1958 film set in New Orleans with the hit song “Hard-Headed Woman.” Sounds like the recipe for a steamy night. We intended to have it called “King Creole,” but they read it as “The Biker Chef” which is all good. In fact, a twist on it would be to make it with shrimp and Paul Prudhomme’s Blackening spice. Gives it an extra sizzle, don’t you think? We could call that one “King Creole.”

Ours was chosen as one of the top four pizzas, and they featured it that night. Since then, we’ve asked for it, but it has some special ingredients, so you can’t always get it. It would have been fun to see them add it to their “features” menu. Maybe when it’s summer here in the lakes country. We’ll all be in the mood for a steamy night.

The Biker Chef and I enjoy going to Boomer. We brought my twin boys with us last night. They are in 8th grade and have “football player” size appetites. We ended up getting extra pizzas from an order mix-up, and they nearly polished them all off! Boomer Pizza is wood-fired, thin crust with fresh ingredients. The Biker Chef used to have his own pizza shop, so he knows pizza, and when he says a pizza is good, it’s VERY Good!

I think I’ll have one of those extra slices for lunch. I’ll have to quick warm it up before the boys know what’s happening, so I can have some!

What’s the secret ingredient, Chef?
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