After our exciting wander through the history of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, we walked over to the Motor Bar and Restaurant to refuel before hitting the road and heading back towards home. 

The sign in the arch between the hog riders says, “For the love of bacon”!

After a quick glance at the specials and menu, Tanya confirmed that the grilled jalapeno ranch wings and Back Road Chimichanga would be excellent choices.

Mmmm. She was right.
The wings had just the right amount of kick and finger-lickin’ flavor.
The chimi  was delectable and the pico was fresh, probably chopped up that morning, said the Chef, and he can tell! I couldn’t get enough of it!
mmm. mmm. mm. Served with a Wisconsin beer called Spotted Cow, what a treat at noon on a Tuesday!
The food was great,
the museum fascinating,
and the biggest thrill of all was meeting Bill Davidson!
We sat at the bar counter, the Chef’s favorite spot as he likes to chat with the staff, and the man next to him said, “Hi, how are you folks doing? Where are you from?”
Chef answered, “Great. Had a blast looking through the museum. We’re from Brainerd, MN.” 
After a couple sips of beer, he asked the guy where he was from.
“Here,” he said. “I work here.”
“Oh,” answers the Chef, “What area?”
“A little of everything…”
“So, you’re the general manager?” the Chef said.
His name is Eric and he’s super friendly. Then, another man sat down next to him. The Chef got up and introduced himself and started chatting it up with Bill Davidson, fourth generation grandson of one of the founders of Harley-Davidson, William A. Davidson. Bill’s grandpa William H. Davidson was president of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles from 1942-1971, and Bill’s dad Willie G. Davidson was a lead designer of the motorcycles and has recently retired. Bill said that he often meets his dad for lunch here. He’s 83 and still riding, said Bill. They rode to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally together in 2012.
The Biker Chef and Bill Davidson.
I don’t know what got the Chef more excited, the meat counter at the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, or shaking hands and chatting it up with Bill Davidson. (I think it was meeting Bill.) Bill invited us to come back in the summer. Thursday nights are biker night, and they have 1,000s of bikes lined up along their parking lot. Many clubs plan rides to visit the museum. The second weekend in July, they have a Wild Ones Weekend featuring 1940s-style rally with vintage bikes and games. On Labor Day weekend is the Custom Bike Show and Milwaukee Rally.
Moreover, it was great to see Bill Davidson hanging out with the folks who work for and visit the museum. When two little boys jumped on the bike that’s in the restaurant, he turned and smiled at them – another generation of riders is born. He was born into a legacy, kind of like American royalty. Thousands of people want to connect with him because his family has provided an experience like no other.
Thanks, Bill, for taking a moment to say hi to us. Thanks to your family for their ingenuity and inspiration. We hope to see you again.
The adventure continues…